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Excellent GSKill Samsung and good PSC


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after a major test marathon last months I have a couple of kits left which might be useful for benchers :). All tests screened were done on air on either M5Extreme or M5Gene Z77 with 3770K OEM cpu






1. 2x4GB GSkill TridentX 2400 C9-11-11-31 1,65v

Mint condition, box and fan are part of the deal (may raise shipping cost). Tested for 2800 9-12-12-18 112 (TWCL6, LB6, TRRD4) 1,99V 32m on M5E, voltage not optimized, 2800 10-12-12-25 medium samsung profile at 1,69v and 2600 9-11-11-21 tight samsung profile twcl6 at 1,73V. High trcd limit, no problem to boot and 1m 2933 10-12-12. SN 1500, most likely D-HCH) or HCK0


133659-601300c9-11-118erjm.jpg 133659-601400c10-12-1ufoxl.jpg 133659-6028009-12-12-stkn5.jpg jd801319z6cb1.jpg


2. 2x4GB GSKill TridentX 2600 c10-12-12-31 1,65v

Mint condition, box and fan are part of the deal (may raise shipping cost).

Easily do 2600 9-11-11-21 around 1,71v, tested also for 2800 9-12-12-21 tight TWCL6 with 1,96v 32m on Z77. Excellent mems, better for example than several 2666c10 kits of different manufacturers I tested. High trcd limit, 2933 10-12-12 no problem boot and 1m at acceptable voltage. SN 1500, most likely 2gbit D-HCH9 or HCK0.


jd801323ryi18.jpg 133631-321400c91966vm83u3q.jpg


3. 2x4GB GSKill TridentX 2666c10-12-12-31 1,65v

Like new, come in box with unused fan. Tested for 2800 10-12-12-25 1,65v, 2600 9-11-11-21 1,7v and 2800 9-12-12-21 1,92v 32M on MVGene and Extreme. 2933 10-12-12 below 1,8v boot and 1m. SN 2500, most likely Samsung 2Gbit D-HYK0


jd801303gvcvv.jpg 2666c10tridentx2800c9xuq2z.jpg 280010-12-12-2532m165wpz30.jpg 13009-11-11-21170v32ms6z6n.jpg




4. 3x2GB GSKill Trident 2000 9-9-9-24 1,60V

Optic mint, technical flawless, come with original GSkill Blister packagaing. Very high TRCD-limit, all three sticks do 1200 7-10 32M. Kit is a bit uneven in performance, best stick does 1200 7-10-7-28 ~1,68, second one 1200 7-10-8-28 1,69V and third one needs 1,73v for 1200 7-10-7-28. Tested two sticks for 2600 8-12-9-28 Hard secondaries and extreme thirds for 32m at 1,89V, 8-12-8 should work as well. Can go because I have better PSC, and I see a very good chance these are good performers on cold, which I don´t use. SN 10221040, XPSC


2-313008-12-9-28189v3c8jbl.jpg 2-312007-10-8-28169v345cfp.jpg 3-4-12007-10-7-28173vtgjwp.jpg jd801313uvcoi.jpg jd8013166aesl.jpg


5. 2x2GB GSKill Ripjaw 1600 7-8-7-24 1,6v GBRM

X-PSC, tested as kit for 1200 7-11-8-28 1,66v, 1250 7-11-9-28 1,72v 32M on GeneV. Latest tests were 1300 8-12-9-28 auto 1,8v, 1300 8-12-9-28 TWCL6 LB6 1,85v and 1300 8-12-8-28 hard secondaries/thirds 1,86v, not optimized on voltage. Better stick is a winner, 1300 7-12-7-30 easy at 1,75v auto on extreme, needs around 1,8v for TWCL6 hard subs. The 1300 8-12-9 are memtest stable, if 8-12-8 works depends, as always, on your system. Was offered before, now again at higher price, sometimes it is cheaper to trust a word than to wait for the screen :). In original GSKill Blister packaging, early 1040, XDX PSC


jd8013261ldav.jpg gbrm21single13007-12-ukcz7.jpg 1600gbrm2600mti8-12-8mopym.jpg


Prices (without shipping)

1. 115 euros excl.

2. 150 Euros excl. sold

3. 180 Euros excl. sold

4. 65 Euros excl. sold

5. 75 Euros excl. sold

Best regards



Usual note, no returns; no warranty or guarantee provided because this is a private sale and I deny this, if you don´t accept terms, don´t buy. OC-results, if provided, are offered to show the potential of the hardware and results may vary.

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2666 sold
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Guest overclock990

2800MHZ C9 failed boot is regular with samsung,results are gem in Ivy-Bridge !need better IMC & cooling instead of high voltage :)

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