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Asus P6T6 WS: multi bug


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I recently got myself a Xeon L5639 and an Asus P6T6WS Revolution (Rev 1.01G, latest 0905 BIOS).

There seems to be an issue with these boards and turbo multiplers.

On most boards and in specs, my CPU has max multi of x16, if turbo is enabled x20 for 1/2, x19 for 3/4 and x18 for 5/6 cores.

I can start with forced x18 just fine, but as soon as all cores are loaded, the board jumps back to x16.

I tried disabling thermal management, C1E, C-states, everything in the BIOS, but no change.


Does anyone know how to fix this? Maybe some modded BIOS or something?


EDIT: tested for some hours and found a solution. Just for anyone with P6T board:

Set ore ratio to auto and enable SpeedStep. If you do so, two new options will appear, turbo and high tdp turbo. With that it seems to stay where it should.

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