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eVc software and drivers


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Here you'll be able to find the latest software for the eVc device.


Current version 1.0b5


* The software requires .NET Framework 3.5


Fully supported cards


  • MSI HD7870 HAWK
  • MSI GTX680 Lightning
  • MSI GTX770 Lightning
  • MSI GTX780 Lightning
  • ASUS HD7870 TOP
  • ASUS GTX780Ti DC2
  • ASUS GTX980 DC2
  • Reference HD7790 with NCP/PCP81022
  • Reference RX480 with IR3567B (Should also work with Fury/Fury X)
  • Generic VT1165
  • Generic uP6208
  • Generic uP1983
  • Generic NCP81022 (aka PCP81022)


Partially supported / work in progress


  • MSI HD7970 Lightning (use GTX680 Lightning profile)




Other resources

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Updated with latest software + up to date list of supported cards. New version uses quite a bit of memory (300MB), will try to fix it when I have more time available. Will probably result in a V2.0 of the software.

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