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Avexir 2666-CL11 Hynix CFR max clock


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The 1st time i tried for a max. memory speed with these two good looking sticks , i was on a 3770k and Asus MVG , with everything air-cooled.


I got an amazing 1572 Mhz



Back then , i was almost certain , it was my IMC that was the limiting factor.

Cause later at a subzero effort , the result was the same.

In fact it was more a bclk limitation on 2933 divider.


Now at my 2nd try with these sticks , still air-cooled , i got the result below , on a X79 Asus RIVE.

I couldnt believe that an Ivy on X79 , could push these hynix CFR so far. (even for just a max validation).



Now i'm still curious , if this is the end for this sticks ... or it's my IMC again.

I know i have an upsolute max 189.67 bclk on 166 strap with this board.



I've got to find a Haswell system ... it's the only way.

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