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  1. Well , yes It was a tough and time consuming effort. Nothing worked normally from the start. The board was dropping the cpu multiplier in random timing during benchmark , although any related option was disabled in bios. It was reading high temps from idle although my heatsink contact was perfect. I did over 30 attempts for that one valid result !!! It also kept loosing the dual channel ram option whenever it wanted. Northbridge and vrm's were both veeery hot , so i had to put a Delta fan over them. It booted win10 with normal multi only 1 in 10 times There were times that it would boot at 4.0Ghz but the performance was terrible. Most of the time i was using a windows app to dial clocks.
  2. Hi Please add Gigabyte GA-M85M-US2H https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-M85M-US2H-rev-11#ov https://valid.x86.fr/623rum
  3. Both results required can be AGP 8X ? or is it one 8X and one 4X ?
  4. I cant submit. Am i doing something wrong , or is it a system failure ?
  5. Great result !!! I know you will fight your way to the top. You are so close to the 300 limit. Any chance you can test with 256mb of D43 chips ? True.
  6. Congrats An other great score for socket 462 !!! It seems that all the recent development done by certain people , is showing great results. Congrats to all that contributed !!!
  7. Yes , the www.elhvb.com is a must have for all old-timers !!! They host two bios databases , the mobokive and the kuriaki and they also host many manuals for old boards. They sure deserve a donation , for all support that they offer.
  8. The early Jan 1997 screenshot of the QDI ftp shows very few options https://web.archive.org/web/19970130115152/http://www.qdigrp.com/html/bios.html You are looking for this one (with UMC um8886f / um8881f chipset) https://www.elhvb.com/webhq/models/486pci/p4u885.htm Your best shot at the moment , is to test one of those bios that are still available at the old mobokive archive. https://www.elhvb.com/mobokive/Archive/Qdi - Legend/bios/486/index.html The worst scenario is that you will programm the new bios chip but the board will not start. Start with the 885v23 , it was made for the P4U885P3 (it looks very similar to yours). http://www.amoretro.de/2012/09/qdi-mp4-p4u885p3-pcb-v2-0-umc-88818886-486-pci-motherboard.html
  9. Very hard nowadays to find a 486 mobo bios. Do you have the ability to check if a certain bios is the right for your board ? Can you unzip and test with somekind of utility ?
  10. Well , the two month period is for people that dont plan to take a summer holiday and stay home i guess ? But , most people (at least in Europe) usually plan their summer holidays in August. Take that into consideration please.
  11. Discounts are always nice. Any link ?
  12. Nice result , but submitted to wrong cpu category. These cpu's are Pentium EB (fsb 133) not E (fsb 100)
  13. Why no Gigabyte Soc Force in the list ?
  14. True The pll device the Japanese firm FANATIC was selling back then as PLL01 , would require soldering to certain points , to take care of the different clocks for floppy and usb For example the P3B-F
  15. Yeah That board with the HIP voltage regulator , did NOT have the easy mod of the FB sense pin (we perform in common cases). As for the 150FSB limit ... TurboPLL only , area. http://www.ne.jp/asahi/simanto/oc/_borders/controller_1.jpg
  16. Well done. Very nice score @DDC P.S. Hmmm ... million dollar question ? Do i have this board in my collection ? Weekend pc-graveyard search cooming
  17. It's kind of a common problem with validations on old systems. The clock fluctuation is huge sometimes. But we always submit what cpu-z reports in its database. So , the correct score is 210.05
  18. Nice job Obi !!! P.S. Looking at those category results (Slot-1 Celeron Convigton core) , what got my attention was @RemiKo results All of his submitted results with the same? cpu , report a dB0 stepping and a 652 cpuid ... which belong to either a PII Deschute core or a PII Mobile Celeron (Convigton) Regular Celeron Convigton cores are dA0 650 or dA1 651 @Leeghoofd @Antinomy Did we , on purpose left that category unified for both desktop and mobile cpu's ?
  19. Becides all other already mentioned. Scoring of first line "Seq" ... is not centered and there is also missing the MB/s
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