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[FS][Australia] BBSE, Samsung


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Hey all


selling a couple of kits i have here that i dont require anymore. NONE of the sticks have seen cold.




1: Gskill TridentX 2600 C10 2x4GB - Double Sided Samsung


2: Avexir 2000 C9 2x2GB - Single Sided BBSE

had a quick test to check they are working, but unused otherwise.


3: Geil 2133 C9 3x2GB - Dual Sided BBSE

I4 ddr3 list named these as PSC, but checked my sticks and definitely BBSE.


4: G.Skill Trident 2000 C9 - 3x2GB - Dual Sided BBSE

heatspreaders removed to confirm BBSE, 0640 serial


Prices are in USD for ease.


1 - TridentX - $110

2 - Avexir - $20

3 - Geil - $60

4 - Trident - $60


Shipping is from Australia, and is roughly $20 based on kits ive sold in the past.


Thanks for looking.







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