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Gigabyte 790x-ud3p, possible to repair?


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It's possible to repair this? Just forgot to turn off my vmod and it goes kaboom. Motherboard is working only with AM2 cpus, it can't run my Sempron 140 and Athlon II 240.


Yes i have latest bios, trying everything but i don't have even some post numbers on my pci card :(


Maybe someone can repair here? Of course i will pay shipment and repair :)

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It would be quite hard to desolder and solder back these DrMos chips, as they have "too much" legs, and all need to be heated up at once. Usually such attempts end in tragedy, as the PCB give up and you tear the trace from it... But good luck on the attempt!


(I would first practice on another, dead mainboard... and obtain the need parts.)


IMHO the best bet would be to desolder heat-sensitive components (the 8pin ATX power connector, the top-most 100uF 16V SEPC cap on the picture), remove components that stay in the way (the two top R80 coils), shield rest with aluminium foil and use heat gun to remove the DrMos mosfets.

Then solder replacements.

Then rest of the components.

Then cross fingers and try it...


In many such cases even the control chip is damaged and there is no way to bring the mobo back... I won't not dare to do such work, because the risc is enermous. Sorry.

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I had this problem before drmos chip blows.


Then the mobo does not (at least not with current bios) support AM3 cpu... or the support is damaged. The Vmod probably then killed just one of the phases, and the rest can do it, if you did not overclock much. Before trying to repair it, make sure you have at hand a new mobo.

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Nop, sorry, I cannot do that hard repairs. Caps are easy... Exchanging mosfets is possible only because I can heat up each leg separately, and push them up. When both of them are hanging in air, then I go work on the top of the mosfet (drain - heatsink connection) and then it move around the mobo and off he go.

Clean this up, solder legs and then drain of the new one and - if done corectly, this works.


But that is mosfet that have two legs and drain. In case of DrMos, you need to have all 8 legs heated up at once. I described how that can be done, but I never did that - ever. I would *LOVE* to try it, but first on dead board, where no harm can be done. This board still works... :) It might change, after learning how to replace DrMos mosfets :(

Besides, I have no AM2 or AM3 cpu, so this is not board for me. Also none of us know, how hard will be to source the replacement DrMoc mosfets... :(


Gotta be carefull with these voltmods.

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