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HWbot Prime Score i3 4340?

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Hey guys/mods,


Not sure whats happened but my HWbot Prime scores have vanished for my core i3 4340. I had a score posted before the CC and bettered that with 399?, but those scores are no longer anywhere, so i cant even post a link to them.


I might still have screen shots etc on the PC, but just curious as to where they have gone (and if others have vanished also).


I assume this is the right place to ask.



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[HWBOT Prime] automatic submission by HWBOT Prime

[GENiEBEN] moderator changed status from 'null' to 'reported by crew' - reason: ///memory tab is missing.

[Don_Dan] moderator changed status from 'reported by crew' to 'insufficient verification' - reason: No CPU-Z memory tab: http://hwbot.org/article/general_rules


You should get email notifications when your score is reported/deleted, did you miss it?

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  • Crew

I think I dont need to tell you that but, there is no working verification method on Linux and Mac.

I tried once running CPU-Z via wine but it failed. I even created a bug in their bugzilla but as you can see it wont give you much informations as long as it cant run the driver.


So basically, demanding CPU-Z window on the ss means that you actually lock out all Linux and Mac users. They can submit but their results will be not valid. Wheres the sense then writing this bench for multi platform?

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  • Crew
I agree with you, but I don't remember his score being on Linux/Mac, why are we even talking about that?


Sorry, this went just a little bit off topic.

I was just a little bit shocked when I saw that the rules pages got updated. Cause I extra double checked it when I was about to submit a result with linux. Mandatory CPU-Z means no valid submission with those alternative OS's but I think everything is alright now. Maybe a little addition to the rules page about the relaxed CPU-Z handling would be useful.

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