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Rage 128Pro vs Rage 128 Ultra

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Hello i decided to open again another thread about Rage 128 cards because I put my scores with my Sapphire Rage 128 Ultra 4X on this category:



I talk about this situation just hier:



But same weeks ago my scores were put on Rage 128 Pro category O.o






It's strange... it's an hwbot's bug an error or did you decided to put these score in 128pro category?

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must be a bug then.

nobody expect you did edit the submissions. :confused:


Sorry turrican i kwon that is no possible to edit submissions after 48h.

But it's so strange because all rage 128 ultra scores changed category... Not only My submissions but even of other overclockers

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now i have do again benchs with my sapphire to increase my records but i have to put it onto rage 128 pro category or ultra?

Ati rage128pro "ultra" is nothing other than an oem model of the rage128pro. it uses the same rage128pro chip and same pci dev code but a different subsys code, which is not in the subsys list of ati's driver. so you just need to delete the subsys code of "generic rage128pro" line in the inf file, so it would work with all cards under the dev code family.

and the ultra clocks a bit differently:

"standard" rage128pro (maybe called xpert128pro): 120/120

high-end version with active cooling fan(probably called rage fury pro): rumored to be 143/143, very rare.

rage fury maxx: dual cores at 125/143

rage128pro ultra: mine reports 133/133 but some others report 118/140 or like my Sapphire 130/130

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