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Merging Polish teams - request for HWBot crew


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According to:

Comment from richba5tard

Time: August 30, 2007, 5:17 PM

"Only the hwbot crew can merge teams, so you'll have to post a request on the forums."

from http://www.hwbot.org/hwbot.post.do?postId=702


As a PCLab.pl team moderator* I am making a request for someone from HWBot crew to merge this team with United Team of Poland.

A poll results on the PCLab.pl forum was clear in that aspect - much more than 50% people wanted to join UToP [bots on forum already reconfigured etc, just some "lazy" users who not changed the team already are still in PCLab.pl team].


*with an account "JMKS - backup :P" created because I joined United Team of Poland some time ago and wanted to stay as PCLab.pl moderator


Polish teams: http://www.hwbot.org/searchTeams.do?teamId=0&name=&countryId=176&orderBy=rank

Team moderators of these teams please post Your will in this thread, I hope it will be the same as mine [to merge Your teams with UToP, which we already discussed].




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PCLab.pl succesfully merged with UTP.

Thanks :).


Heh, I don't know why someone created this as an "unofficial rival" to the PCLab.pl but I also suggest to merge it. Hopefully they will not be angry ;).




Semi-official list of Polish teams and they "merging status" [by DaRoN, after contacting leaders of teams]:




http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1661 - ocsystems-TEAM - ->Fuzja skończona.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1585 - eVeron.pl - ->Fuzja skończona.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1545 - ShackIT.pl - ->Fuzja skończona.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1559 - PCLab.pl - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1558 - egielda - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1420 - PCArena - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1458 - dzikie.NET - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1465 - PimpMyCase.pl - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1485 - Hard-PC.pl - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1378 - Overclockers.pl - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1488 - oc-forum.org - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1511 - overclock.pl - ->Fuzja trwa.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1376 - PCMasta.pl - ->Fuzja trwa.


http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1478 - Kartofletanio - PM do STOGU via Pure. ->Pogada z ludźmi. Jak coś będzie wiedział to odpisze.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1543 - Zabrze OC Team - PM do DawidaNeo via Pure.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1598 - [MoC] Team - PM do GergG i Elninia via egielda.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1569 - PCLab.pl Team. PM do JMKSa via Pure. ->Jak będzie, to będzie icon_smile3.gif


http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1641 - esports.pl - PawelS. Ma 0.9pkt i zero wyników. Nie ma się co interesować IMO.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1579 - PCBoard.pl - Nie mam pojęcia ani kontaktu z Daren icon_neutral3.gif Strona jest zamknięta.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1480 - oc.pun.pl - Zero punktów. Do skasowania.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1000 - Polish Wilds - Zero punktów. Do skasowania.

http://hwbot.org/teamInfo.do?teamId=1566 - Tweaks.pl - Zero punktów. Do skasowania.


explanation: "fuzja skonczona" means "fussion is complete"

"fuzja trwa" means "fussion in progress" [and both sides agree to merge => it should be merged I think]

"do skasowania" means "to delete" => no points so probably something like "dead teams". I am not suggesting to delete that teams, this is just info for the rest of Polish community

"PM do xxx" means "PM sent to xxx" - the status is not specified by leaders ATM

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