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ASUS GTS 250 /DI/512MD3/A


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  • 11 months later...

a smal up date whit bater photo of the gpu chip " up6206ak vcz96a "

and i think i have found the mem chip to mod " up6281s8 vgp979 "

but i can not find a datasheet at the moment.

if somwane have a id which pin is needed let it plz know,

or how to prep this gpu for epower and co

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wrong "pwm" for DDR:D

uP6181 are 12v mosfet drivers with output disable for a single phase synchronous-rectified buck converter!


ddr pwm are located on the front pcb , right from speaker(buzz1)


thx for the info.

i can not read the text on the chip.

this is the only chip on the right site from the speaker.

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yes, he is the ddr pwm


i don´t have the card here , but should be uP6101 or APW7065 both with FB to pin6


-please measure if the pin 3 on that pwm is GND

-then measure the pin6 (FB ) to GND ..that resistence x20 = VR value , 20k VR should be

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