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ludek111 - 865PE Neo-2P @ 307.3MHz - 307.31 MHz Reference Clock

Diabolik Oc

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Hi, thanks :) I have some motherboards to add to a HWBOT database. And OK, no problem, I will change a mobo model, if Turrican would take care of this. BTW very nice motherboard. I don't like MSI, but this one is a great, nimble and

agile mATX motherboard with a quiet good power section :P I do still have this mobo. Will check once more a full model.

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Yes, this model M-atx have better PWM vs the Neo2-P full Atx, and have big lot of selected capacitors!

Me too, i don't like some Msi, sometimes capacitors xolpded ^_^ My Neo2 is easy for Oc, but in a low limit, at only 80-100Watts the cpu get a very bad Vdrop :(

Chipset can go over 280+ fsb in bios, but under load the cpu get immediate Bsod a cause of insufficient number of capacitors and low-P mosfets! ... bleah... :D

Thank you, if turrican can move the submission, i need more gold cups to get 100 :D

Bye, Luca

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The biggest problem is the power consumption while using a P4 Prescott. Above 1.6V and it can have a BSoD because of vDroop. If are you using a Northwood, there is also the vDroop, but is less-sensible. You can help to keep more stable voltages if you do the vDroop mod. If your Neo2-P has got the same ISL-6556x voltage regulator, you can do those vmods. I could help you also :)

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