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R9 290X Gaming MSI , Display enter on Power Saving Mode , Help ....

Guest Ximi

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Hi guys,


I have a problem with the MSI Gaming R9 290x, when I make overclocking safe values​​, for example: 1180/1300 Mhz, with air passing some Benchmarks I monitor enters a power-saving state and the screen goes without nothing to show.


A which may be due?


We perform two tools OC overclocking, the MSI AB Beta and the latest version of GPU Tweak Shamino.


I managed to spend some Benchmark but I have this error hanging around my PC.


Any help is welcome, thanks guys.

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Disable 2d clocks or clock them to 3d clocks ;)


On Bios editing ? Or Msi Afterburner ?


I dont know how made it.


I know the RBE for Radeon but is old to date.


Do you explain some much it ?


Thanks !!

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Ok , Thanks !!!;)


I will try it more later.


I see the .cfg of afterburner , I activated "unofficial Overclocking" and other options of "Voltage" but enter on saving mode.


I have the Beta 2.3.1 of Afterburner , i think is up to date of afterburner and "unlocking" all options for "overclocking" but enter on saving mode.

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Hi guys !!


I try with AB put the 3D profile on 2D profile , boths 2D clocks y 3D clocks with the same 3D profile but dont work properly.


Solved with uninstall AB and overclocking with GPU Tweak from Shamino.


Thanks a lot for replys and support !! ;)

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With Afterburner ;)

Look in background gpu-z if the card stays in full clocks all the time ;)


I try it but dont work , entry on balck screen.


I put 2D profile in AB with 3D clocks settings and 3D the same. Open Sensors screen on GPU-Z , run 3D mark and entry on black screen.


Also , I try with Asus Bios and the same problem.


Do you know if msi Gaming have one switch for dual bios ?


I am thinking on RMA .....

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MSI Afterburer will disable 2D completly ;) YOu only have to edit the cfg :D


Yes , you are all rigth but that GPU is locked VDDC and I have to change and flash the Bios to Asus model and unlocked it.


Now all rigth , made 1200 / 1500 Mhz stable with GPU Tweak from Shamino and made good marks.


Thank for all to all people ;)

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