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(FS)GSkill Pi2200C7x2/ Mach2300C8/ Team 2000C9/ VGAs


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due to lack of time and cash, I sell some of my bench mems and also some VGAs, all were bought untested without results, so you will have to depend on my tests^^



pi2200-mach230010pmslx.jpg pi2200-mach23008kpwp.jpg




1. 2x2GB G.Skill PIS 2200 C7-10-10-28 1,65v (PSC)


Strong kit, SN11041040 and 8155 PCB, tested for 2000 6-9-6-24 and 2400 7-10-7-28 on my limping Z77, on my Asrock OCF M the mems did 2667 8-12-8-28 TWCL6 tight 32M at 1,9v, not optimized, as I have very few time at the moment. One of the sticks has a damaged gold contact which I think is due to a manufacturing failure, but both sticks worked without any sign of weakness on two different boards


mach-pi220032xu7p.jpg jd801293quuqv.jpg 2200pi115513348-12-8-b8k3g.jpg


2. 2x2GB G.Skill PIS 2200C7-10-10-28 1,65v (PSC)


SN 10411040, 8-Layer 8117 PCB, tested on Z87 Asrock OCF for 1300 and 1333 8-12-8-28 TWCL6 tight tertiaries 32M, the kit needs voltage but scales excellently, the sticks run a bit uneven but overall the kit does a good job. No optical failures, like kit 1 technical excellent condition




3. 2x2GB MachXtreme 2300 C8-11-8-28 1,65v (PSC)

Beautiful mems, and also fast - tested for 2000 6-9-6-24 32M on Z77 and 1300 8-12-8-28 TWCL6 tight at 1,83v on Asrock OCFM Z87. Spectacular looks, comes with original blister package which is slightly damaged.


pi2200-mach230012o7s3e.jpg mach-pi22004bruso.jpg 13018-12-8-28twcl6184ylssz.jpg


4. 2x2GB TeamGroup Xtreem LV 2000 9-9-9-24 1,65v


Technical and optical mint condition, only tested for 2133 7-9-7-21 around 1,65v on Z77, the ICs are most likely BBSE.




Graphic cards


5. Gainward 250GTS 512MB


Works without problems, normal edition, which means no green but fully overclockable item. No mods



6. Nividia Geforce 9800GT with Zalman VF-1000 black


Excellent condition, red PCB and black Zalman cooler with red lighting.




7. Gigabyte Geforce 7900GTX


Technical top, on optics, well, this card needs to be cleaned :D - with accessories like driver cd and manual if you want




Prices, shipping excluded, in Euros


1. 110 Euros sold to DartMaul

2. 105 Euros sold to ZKA17

3. 125 Euros sold to Luumi

4. 40 Euros

5. 30 Euros na

6. 30 Euros

7. 20 Euros


Items are located at Berlin, germany, payment is possible with paypal (non CC) or western union, preferred region for sale is European Union due to obvious reasons, I also sell outside of EU, but you might get problems with customs - shipping will be around 10-15 Euros for the mems, this depends on region that I will have to ship. If you have questions- PM me. On the vgas, I think it doesn´t make sense to sell these these outside of eu, shipping would make these inappropriately expensive


Disclaimer: this is a private sale, because of this I rule out returns, warranty and guarantee to or by me. ON oc, ymmv, but having been a quite active memory tester in the past, the kits I sold usually did a good job at the buyers

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included right picture for #2
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Guest Sinebrychof

Please reserve the lot 3 mach xtremes for me. I really think I am going to buy them.

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