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...'cold' experiences w/ SB-E, IVY-E & Ivy; PCIe16x extenders


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Hi All......after a year or so of EL, I recently switched to OC League. I'm just doing some basic setup runs right now with a 'light' phase setup...things will start in earnest in a month or so when I have all the necessary equipment and a little bit of experience with it.


A few quick questions:


- I'll be benching 4960X (and 4960 ES when next gen is released) , 4930K, 3970X and 3770K etc. At -40 C and 'down to LN2', at what load voltages does one accelerate degradation ? Is there a difference between Ivy on the one hand and Ivy-E and especially SB-E on the other in that ? My 3770K Ivy has been near-indestructible on water for over 16 mths , even at 5.3+ on water (mind you it's delidded which won't help freezing, on the contrary). I just find that Ivy-E 'feels' a lot more like SB-E than Ivy, even w/22 nm process et al


- I sometimes do 4x GPU and it will be a while before I attempt to freeze those setups...so they'll be water-cooled / chilled while the CPU will be frozen. I have been looking at PCIe16x riser / extenders (powered and un-powered) as that gets them 'out of the way' re. insulating the mobo....have the XOC folks here tried those risers ? Any significant latency penalty etc ?


Thanks for your advice !

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The riser thought is interesting and I imagine it would pose problems with both power and latency issues, however I have no evidence to say either way so I have no idea.


I don't like to go above 1.7V on my 4930K personally but I'm sure it would be fine at a little higher.


But I think the voltage issue is more related to the temps you're at too, with LN2 of course you will be able to push much further.

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