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  1. @Leeghoofd any chance of opening up the Bloomfield stage to include 45nm Xeon CPUs? Makes binning slightly cheaper
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it. @Gigelz unfortunately I tried that and no luck, even tried a PCI card too and that didn't work. @ground1556 could you send me that datasheet dude? Would definitely come in useful in the future
  3. Got a board here that hangs on 37 or VGA Initialization on the ROG poster. Am I right in thinking that the PCI-E was handled by the SB on these boards and hence that's probably my problem em area.
  4. Ok fantastic, thanks Alby, time to get planning then
  5. @Leeghoofd do we have a rough time frame for the competition so that I can start arranging a bench meet with my fellow countrymen?
  6. " Superpi 32M LGA775 - 7x multiplier (5 scores ) " Now that is a very interesting idea, I like it.
  7. Need a picture of the CPU's with you username and date on them sir
  8. The CPU-Z links to a 3.5GHz score which makes the submission invalid.
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