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  1. Quick bump with a bunch of items added, Lanparty motherboards, DDR2 and the likes.
  2. I actually had to Google the Chipset.
  3. This is going to sound really anal, but my OCD is kicking in big time Can you put please have the DDR's in alphabetical order for my sanity please
  4. Bump! Added some Asus motherboards and GPUs
  5. With regards to the CB changing depending on FSB, this is similar to what happens with Athlon 64 for example in my personal experience. These wouldn't be necessarily correct numbers but just to use it as an example now. 200-600FSB - 140cb 601-620FSB - the cold bug gradually gets worse etc, feels like an FSB wall limit but increasing temp actually let's you set the higher FSB which can be a massive pain. It only seems to happen at the highest possible fsb's for any given chip.
  6. Actually that's exactly what I did when I started out benching. A bunch of my Socket 478 scores on water are done in winter, at night, with the window wide open in my room. Ambient probably about - 5c in my room. Even in Wales we don't get the chilly - 20c I dreamed of.
  7. Just don't break my 775 scores and we'll get along just fine 😂
  8. naww man, you know how much effort it was to run this xD Just kidding great score! Will have to try and beat it again sometime ;)
  9. Ahh awesome score! Was waiting to see someone post some results with this board :D
  10. Oh no no don't worry, I just had that light bulb moment when I looked at the rules and saw it wasn't noted.
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