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  1. urgh..... Time to boot up the Rex again...
  2. ObscureParadox

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Sorry if this was answered but I couldn't see a definitive answer. For the motherboard frequency stage we are ranking by what socket the motherboard is right and not the CPU used? Reason I ask is for the AMD issue with 2+ through to 3+. I believe it should be motherboards socket but am fine with either.
  3. No it's the correct screenshot, as said we've worked off a 5% difference in past competitions so this is more than acceptable :)
  4. ObscureParadox

    [WTB] CPU DICE Pot

    We don't really touch DimasTech items anymore
  5. ObscureParadox

    MSI X58 PRO-E + Xeon E5649

    The 8F bios should work really, are you 100% sure that the CPU itself isn't dead?
  6. I'm pretty sure Luumi will be back with something very soon, if not a sandbag then a fresh result for sure
  7. Yup result would probably be a lot better with hypers, was having issues at the start of the bench session and I wasn't sure if it was Ram or NB related. Since my Hyper kit is really new to me and I've done very little testing on it, I decided to switch to a tried and tested kit to eliminate any doubt I had. I'll be switching back to Hypers for the next run as well as using a new OS and actually optimising my runs instead of just pressing start
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys The trick to this benchmark is to break the OS so bad it doesn't know which CPU it is anymore.
  9. Not too bad for a dumpster diving bencher ;)
  10. @richba5tard thanks so much for getting this done, I don't think people thank you enough when you take the time to get these small fixes done
  11. ObscureParadox

    EVGABOT and Epower

    Money wasn't taken no since I never even got the details to send the payment too.
  12. ObscureParadox

    EVGABOT and Epower

    Just to keep everyone up to date, the seller has not been online since the 16th of October so I suppose the sale is no longer going through?
  13. ObscureParadox

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Well no it's not because Fermi is 400/500, Kepler 600/700 etc etc
  14. ObscureParadox

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    This would probably make it very interesting for the 775 socket as multiple different CPU's suddenly become viable...