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  1. ObscureParadox


    What are you looking for, high stability with Super Pi or high max MHz? I have lots of kits do can probably help you find what you want
  2. ObscureParadox

    Price check on 8700K

    I think it was the one built into XTU so can't remember what that is. I can run again and try prime over the weekend
  3. ObscureParadox

    Price check on 8700K

    Hi guys, you might have seen in another post I have a decent 8700K and was just looking for a price check from you guys. Facts ; OEM chip Not delidded 5.3GHz 24/7 stable @1.34v (not tested lower yet) 5.4GHz cinebench R15 stable @1.39v This was done with a H115i using the stock paste that's pre attached to the block head. It was also tested over this winter with 13c ambients for what it's worth.
  4. True but with this being in my 24/7 system I don't really want to get extra parts for it unless I know I have at least some chance of getting some money back with selling on afterwards. Also I've not been paying any attention to XOC for over a year now so OC bins is something I am very out of the loop for with regards to the current platform. Update though, 5.4GHz cine @1.4v straight from bootup
  5. From what I'm seeing and hearing from people is that temps are pretty important, if I delid this CPU I'd probably get a better idea of what it can do. AIO, 26c ambient and stock paste on both the AIO and CPU isn't helping anything. I actually kinda wanna LN2 it after speaking to someone today so I might try and find an Apex for the weekend
  6. Hey guys! So I only recently got back into the latest hardware trends etc since I am generally an old school overclocker. But on building my new Coffee lake system for my 24.7 rig I couldn't help but give the CPU a go. Now I have done only a couple of days of testing so haven't maxed anything out yet, but I am currently running 24/7 stable clocks @1.25v which is completely stable through all AVX testing. I haven't delidded it yet or tried anything crazy beyond a simple core voltage setting and a quick multiplier increase. From what I've seen from the likes of silicon lottery etc they normally run a -3 multiplier on all AVX running so does that make my CPU better? I did a quick cine R15 run with 1.35v and 5.3GHz is happy to run all day long, doesnt quite finish at 5.4GHz however. Just curious if I sell this on to someone who might make more use of it or if it's not really worth an LN2 overclockers time! Thanks for your time. Lewis.
  7. ObscureParadox

    Titan Xp Dead card?

    Heyo! Forgot to send these yesterday. I found some PCB damage near one of the screw holes. This is probably the issue but I can't be sure, doesn't look like there are any traces there though. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/elhalnq1wic64bk/AADz8sEIfpj9OSmxtZ8XmS8Ma?dl=0
  8. ObscureParadox

    Titan Xp Dead card?

    Hi guys, looking for some advice from the electrical engineers in here My friend has shipped me her Titan Xp which has died in her as she stated she'd knocked a cap off and it stopped working. I have replaced the capacitor and its still not booting, not even getting power to the core itself. Are there any common faults I can look up with these cards or like I already assume is the card more than likely done with? Any advice on where to start would be appreciated
  9. delid it if you see temps go through the roof, otherwise don't bother
  10. ObscureParadox


    130 Euro inc postage?
  11. That sounds like a dota twitch chat name to me
  12. http://hwbot.org/news/9946_application_94_rules/
  13. ObscureParadox

    [WTB] FR Z77 motherboard

    I could do it for £85 inc shipping which is like €93 euro or something like that