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  1. They'll be hypers in that kit, super hard to find now.
  2. I forgot to post a link, but this is what I was refering to. https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?applicationId=21&scoreOperator=more_or_equal&score=&username=&regionCode=&countryId=&teamId=&glPointsOperator=more_or_equal&glPoints=&hwPointsOperator=more_or_equal&hwPoints=&compPointsOperator=more_or_equal&compPoints=&globalTeamPowerPointsOperator=more_or_equal&globalTeamPowerPoints=&hardwareTeamPowerPointsOperator=more_or_equal&hardwareTeamPowerPoints=&totalPointsOperator=more_or_equal&totalPoints=&league=&globalRankOperator=less_or_equal&globalRank=&hardwareRankOperator=less_or_equal&hardwareRank=&cpu=&cpuId=&cpuSubFamily=&cpuSubFamilyId=&cpuFamily=&cpuFamilyId=&cpuBatch=&cpuBatchId=&cpuFreqOperator=less_or_equal&cpuFreq=&numberOfProcessors=&cpuSocketId=&cpuCoolingId=&gpu=&gpuId=&gpuFamily=&gpuFamilyId=&gpuBatch=&gpuBatchId=&gpuCoreFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuCoreFreq=&gpuShaderFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuShaderFreq=&gpuMemFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuMemFreq=&numberOfVideocards=&gpuSocketId=&gpuCoolingId=&mbModel=&mbModelId=&mbChipset=&mbChipsetId=&mbManufacturer=&mbManufacturerId=&mbChipsetBatch=&mbChipsetBatchId=&mbCoolingId=&memType=&memTypeId=&memProduct=Ballistix+Sport&memProductId=165&memManufacturer=&memManufacturerId=&memBatch=&memBatchId=&memFreqOperator=more_or_equal&memFreq=&memTCasOperator=more_or_equal&memTCas=&memCoolingId=&psuWattOperator=more_or_equal&psuWatt=&psuProduct=&psuProductId=&psuManufacturer=&psuManufacturerId=&diskCapacityOperator=more_or_equal&diskCapacity=&diskProduct=&diskProductId=&diskManufacturer=&diskManufacturerId=&dateAfter=&dateBefore=&_bestHardware=on&orderBy=score&limit=20&_imageAttached=on&_videoAttached=on&offset=0 Created using this page : https://hwbot.org/search/submissions
  3. Ok so first off this isn't a bug, it's ranked by memory type/technology i.e. DDR3/4 etc and not the individual ram stick manufacturer, otherwise this would be chaos with GPUs where only MSI Lighnings or Kingpin Classys would face off against each other. Secondly you can use the submission search function to narrow down your results to get a leaderboard with any specific ram stick or GPU or whatever you like, I'll add a link to show you the Crucial Ballistix Sport etc. Finally the database is updated by the moderators at the individual requests of users for non standard hardware, so if you have anything you'd like to add then make a support request at the bottom of the forum. Hope this helps.
  4. ObscureParadox

    No points are added, no awards are activated.

    you have click on the achievment and try and manually recalculate it to see if that works?
  5. ObscureParadox

    Submission not ranked

    Have you tried recalculating the submission?
  6. ObscureParadox

    No points are added, no awards are activated.

    Use the following links to see which CPU and GPU benchmarks give points. The ones you listed do not give any points. https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/processor https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/videocard
  7. ObscureParadox

    CPU-Z need help

    yes but if you're doing CPU-Z validations that's no good to anyone
  8. ObscureParadox

    CPU-Z need help

    I wasn't able to find a fix myself, might be worth asking the CPU-Z developers themselves to try and find a fix for the issue.
  9. May I propose you open your f**king eyes and take a look at the rules you f**king muppet
  10. ObscureParadox

    Xeon usage in Challenger Intel legacy Round

    There are only up to 6 cores on xeon, but we need to make sure we state 1 socket only so that dual socket 1366 boards are not allowed, that would be a competition breaker.
  11. everyone has the team to do it, just need the willing, 32M is a benchmark that takes a lot of learning of tweaks, ram timings etc. Take a look at this starter guide https://www.overclock.net/forum/282-overclock-net-hwbot-team/1249432-super-pi-32m-tweaking-guide.html
  12. Does the costa coffee cup add some beans to the system?
  13. ObscureParadox

    Xeon usage in Challenger Intel legacy Round

    I think as a general rule of thumb, xeons should be allowed in most legacy comps due to their low price which keeps more in the spirit of what the comps are about. That and the fact there is no real advantage to be had by getting a xeon over a regular mainstream part.
  14. Nicely done! Welcome to the 8GHz club!! :D
  15. Very nice! I smell a new challenge that I want to try :D