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  1. No dogpile purely from a moderation perspective. Don't want to give Leeg thousands more subs to moderate in there.
  2. Have already tried PSC and can get close to 1000 but not above. Wasn't faster than hypers at this speed so went back just to get the score done. I plan on trying with cold sticks in the future to see where I can get :)
  3. No air data unfortunately. This is my only CPU so I've put it straight on LN2 all it's life.
  4. Thanks guys, yeah this isn't even close to maxed out, just needed to empty my dewar and this seemed like a better way to do it instead of throwing the LN2 away Wasn't aware that I had an outdated version, will have to re run this when I get my top up next week
  5. I'll add myself to the queue if nobody has taken them yet
  6. Rules regarding windows 8/10 and benchmarks has been around since Skylake launch, so this isn't a new thing. The rule page had simply been updated in November to make it up to date, but the windows rules would have been there previously. This isn't a major deal and nobody is calling you a cheat, it's just that we have to be consistent with rules and shouldn't make exceptions for one and not the other. If you believe other scores are out of line then feel free to report them and the mods will take a look at them
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