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  1. I think we'll struggle to see 1fps without LN2 to be honest. I'll settle for 0.95 today
  2. Don't worry dude I also feel your pain. I'm prepping the board for cold now so that I can right my wrong. The only reason I believe the score is still up is that I've promised the mods I'd fix it tonight and it's here for discussion more than anything
  3. Guys I'm going to the attic to get a 1440p monitor to fix this. Chill baby everything's going to be fixed soon
  4. Thanks all! @l0ud_sil3nc3 I got this CPU years ago from Doug. I had a few at one point but as far as I can see this is the only one I have left now. (for now)
  5. It's not that strange when you compare it to it's dual core counterpart https://hwbot.org/submission/3942490_ving_hwbot_x265_benchmark___4k_core_2_duo_e7500_1.633_fps
  6. Cheers guys! @Obijuan83 score was done with 1.91 but I hadn't considered the way it crops the version number since I was just trying to make sure I got all the information in the screen for CPU and Ram etc. More than happy to unbox my 1440p monitor just to run it again
  7. Hmm what about the type of CPUs that you can literally buy in the bucket loads but nobody ever benches like 775 P4s?
  8. ohhh that explains some behaviour I saw benching the other day then I thought I was losing my mind...
  9. That's the standard edition though, I don't believe the black edition actually ever got released.
  10. controversial one this I'm sure, but I always see Core 2 Quads benched on P45, why not limit it to X38 and X48 so that the quad cores finally get to see some action on the big boy platforms since that's a lot more challenging to do. (exclude the Core 2 Extreme though)
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