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(FS)PSC.Mushkin2000c7,OCZ2000C9/ Team 2000c9


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Good evening,

the items listed are tested and in working condition




1. 4x2GB Mushkin Blackline DDR3-2000 C7-10-8-27 1,65v (PSC XDZ)


I got these in a trade, with my motivation for mem binning and hoarding having faded, I offer these for sale, tested for specs and also on OC in 2x2 pair, both kits do 1200 cas7 on Z77 and Z87, with my Ivy system not working anymore with psc at 1300, I tested these on Haswell with Pentium and both kits did 1300 Cl8 tight twcl6, one kit needed TRP 9 though - useful mems imho, though I didn´t bother to test these too long, they also ran 1200 cas8 on SB-E at former owner. 8layer 8117 PCB


kit112008-11-8-28165v92y5q.jpg kit2mushkin200026008-1tjxj.jpg kit113008-12-8-28184v6nk8k.jpgmushinoczteam11p9kan.jpg


2. 2x2GB OCZ Platinum DDR3-2000 C9-9-9 1,65v (PSC XEX)


Bought these because of curiousity and to learn which ICs infamous OCZ experts used this time :D - they used X-PSC. Fully working, only tested for specs, I doubt these are giants on clocking, but do 1200 7-11-7 at high voltage memtest stable. 8-layer PCB




3. 2x2GB Team Xtreem 2000 9-9-9-24 1,65v (Elpida BBSE)


Used only for 24/7 surf rig, I finally found time to confirm ICs though, and these are BBSE. 2200 7-9-7-22 works on ivy, no further tests because these already need around 1,73v for this. 8-layer 8117 PCB




Prices without shipping cost

1. 100 Euros sold

2. 40 Euros

3. 40 Euros


Items are located at Berlin, germany, preferred methods of payment are paypal (non CC) and western union. Shipping will vary, but on most countries it will be 6-8 euros with airmail padded envelope. Please understand that I only ship to confirmed adress I get with paypal adress service, this is for my and for the buyers safety :)


No returns, no warranty because this is a private sale. On oc, if results are provided, your ymmv, but all was tested on air and with retail hardware

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