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  1. You're very probably right, I thought I used this kit because of the photo... Well I can check next weekend with 3770K (I already don't have anything with DDR3 since I am out of OC)... thanks!
  2. Hey guys, your help is needed. Today I've found totally forgotten Super Talent Elpida Hyper MGH-E kit, the first real OC kit I've ever bought. It is PN WP200UX4GB. To be honest, I don't even know true potential of this kit. Below you can find some results I posted using them. For what price you think is possible to sell them? Thanks everybody! https://hwbot.org/submission/2172680_blue_storm_superpi___1m_phenom_ii_x4_955_be_10sec_578ms https://hwbot.org/submission/2217580_blue_storm_superpi___1m_fx_6100_11sec_828ms https://hwbot.org/submission/2217581_blue_storm_superpi___32m_fx_6100_12min_28sec_766ms (photo is mine)
  3. Heyo, I dunno if it's still active, but I have old Super Talent 2x 2GB kit (WP200UX4GB) which has MGH-E. I've just recently found out that I still have them I have some results with them here, but to be honest, I don't know their true potential. Let me know if you would be interested and how much you would offer. I am from Czech Republic https://hwbot.org/submission/2172680_blue_storm_superpi___1m_phenom_ii_x4_955_be_10sec_578ms https://hwbot.org/submission/2217580_blue_storm_superpi___1m_fx_6100_11sec_828ms https://hwbot.org/submission/2307332_blue_storm_superpi___32m_core_i5_3570k_7min_2sec_563ms https://hwbot.org/submission/2217581_blue_storm_superpi___32m_fx_6100_12min_28sec_766ms
  4. Hey guys, after I gave up overclocking, I am selling this sweet memory kit, maybe one of the best DDR3 kits ever. I have full 4x 4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666C10 kit with totally new original cooler (was never used). I never had them under LN2, just with air cooling and never pushed them far. In last year I was using them in secondary PC and all four modules are working without problem. The kit should be under Corsair lifetime warranty, but I can't guarantee that. Price is 200€ (including shipping around Europe) and I will also give this Voltcraft thermometer for free with it: https://www.conrad.com/ce/en/product/123402/Thermometer-VOLTCRAFT-PL-120-T2-200-up-to-1372-C-Sensor-type?queryFromSuggest=true I accept payments through PayPal.. If you would have any questions, just let me know!
  5. Seems that this weather likes you and wants to be with you whole summer:D
  6. Worse (or better?), it's breast-feeding room:D
  7. Yep, saw it at Tayouan Airport...very funny place:DAlso self check-in counters by Eva Air made in Hello Kitty style are very funny...it seems that asians like Hello Kitty:D
  8. Damn...I saw you at TPE City Hall station...first I thought that this guy is quite weird to be asian...wanted to have photo with you, but you just got to metro train and went away:( By the way, we collected all babes photos (deleted bad photos or bad girls:D) and made some galleries...so enjoy: http://www.extrahardware.com/article/computex-2013-babes-have-rest-and-enjoy-exotic-beauty (Vatyn rocks:nana:)
  9. Wild overclockers appeared to the GB factory tour:woot:
  10. We have more photos of babes than photos of new HW:D
  11. And HiCookie something like "Wth is this?!":D //By the way today is very nice weather:nana:
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