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  1. Of course i tried C0, but those scores are so bad that they won't see the light of day... :p
  2. @Alpi It boots really fast, which is really nice during oc'ing of course. I also added a ssd which combined is making all those reboots much less painful.
  3. I will try it for sure, just don't have the time for it at the moment. Maybe it will work with a bios microcode update.
  4. @GRIFF I guess the game is on then. ;) Good luck, this cpu was only my second G1 stepping cpu, so maybe there are better bins. @ObscureParadox This board was a bit of a gamble, but it clocks very nice as you can see. Altough some voltmods are needed of course.
  5. Hello fellow overclockers, I just bought a VapoChill LS which still is in a really nice condition. I've connected it to the USB port of my main PC to set up the VapoChill. But unfortunately, i can't find the software. Even after 2+ hours of professional google abuse. Does any of you guys still have a dusty copy of this software?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, i'll probably going to buy a X850XT then.
  7. Hello oc'ers. I'm having a question regarding the GPU limitation. It says that you may only use X800 cards. Is that meant in the way that you can only use cards like the X800Pro or X800XT? Or can you just use every card that falls within the Ati X8xx series? So that the X850 series are also allowed to use?
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