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  1. GOLDEN card. mine doesnt scale past 1430, even with 1.25+volt, memory sucks too :D
  2. nice! what was vccio/vccsa voltage? im guessing 1.4/1.35
  3. gratz on the run. P.S. Aint that smokey's V12 supra in the background?
  4. whut, single channel memory, ill try tonight with my 6600k@5.0~5.1GHz
  5. and he's alive! i tried to flash it over commandline with atiflash, to which atiflash replied with "error-0fl01", which let me to this site: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/atiflash-error-0fl01-fix.133935/ part 2, step 3 was my solution. gpu-z suddenly allowede me to save the vbios, which btw was stock.... just to be sure i flashed the original default bios i had saved from december 17th 2017 on to it again in case it was partially corrupted. I'm glad to see the random corrupted frames again during idle/video playback :D
  6. Thanks for the suggestion I have thought about that today at work, college of mine also suggested dual booting in linux debian K/ubuntu K (not sure which one again) and attempt something similar, but I'm trying windows 7 first tonight, also because i need to install that for 2D benchmarks anyways :)
  7. :( I did some digging and i may be able to fix the issue, seems to be an issue either with windows 10's latest update, the radeon driver, or perhaps the DAG-file signature. But if the RX 570 keeps rejecting my bios-flash attempts it's done for. I may even try to boot in windows 7, and try from scratch as a last resort. I was going to give the card to my brother, with a custom pre-overclocked bios. I've flashed it about 30 times before, tho yesterday it randomly bricked itself. Anyways RX 590 nitro+ SE is on it's way :D
  8. RIP rx570 :/ Was making a custom bios for it, for some reason it wont boot no more. Was getting Device_driver_stuck_in_thread Flashing back in safe mode doesnt work no more So yeah rip
  9. Aah yeah i see where you are comming from. P.S. I did get my gold cup
  10. Dank u 260 watt under load haha, hogere vcore brand de vrm door. maar de core is boven 1440 toch al super instabiel, zelfs met 1.3v
  11. Why would you would you even take the time to comment on some random novice, who is just trying to be competative?
  12. gonna re-run I see platform clock is not enabled >.<