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  1. Nice :D, ga je nog 4000MHz Cl12-11-11-28-220-1T@1.8V+ voor die +4~6% proberen? Tis B-die neem ik aan.
  2. also taking this one down due to tesselation modification, will re-run@1710/2310 tess=on
  3. Thanks for letting me know, will disable points asap. must have missed this line, when going trough the rules: The only problem allowed is Graphics driver is not approved
  4. lost on memory, cuz i only had single channel, anyways gratz on first spot :)
  5. forgot to metion im usian a custom 300watt bios /w 1425MHz memory timings instead of 1750Mhz
  6. gartz!, not sure what's going on with this benchmark no more haha
  7. adrenalin 19.2.3 just came out, gives +10% vega igpu performance, you may want to re-run at some point
  8. highest graphic score: 5404 :D probably because of the 1500Mhz memory timing on the gpu
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