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  1. Sounds good to me I'll be driving up this year if the wife joins me so I'll be glad to not be in the big ass city
  2. Shadyreaper

    [FS]8700K@6900 R15 !

    Your not supposed to sell stuff off for hardware you hoard it all like me and Steponz do lmao
  3. Shadyreaper

    [FS]8700K@6900 R15 !

    Hell this is less than what I paid for the 6800+ 8700k I got from you lol
  4. Shadyreaper

    [FS] Galax HOF 2080TI Retail !

    Lol we are moving in a few weeks so no spending allowed right now lol she already busted my balls about buying myself some mem for Christmas lmao
  5. Shadyreaper

    [FS] Galax HOF 2080TI Retail !

    if I had the cash and wife wouldnt kill me I would but instead I will give ya a free bump plus I think you have taken enough of my money this year LMAO
  6. Shadyreaper

    FS: 9900K 6820mhz R15

    Free bump PS I should buy it and put it in my gaming rig just because lmao
  7. Actually did this score the 2 days before the stream and I have my own beard lmao
  8. thanks Web it was super fun hopefully we can keep it going and everyone enjoys it
  9. Thanks guys we had fun doing the stream for everyone more to come
  10. Shadyreaper

    [FS] Galax HOF RTX 2080TI !

  11. Thanks bud a little hard work with mem and a better clocking CPU did the trick
  12. Thanks man I modded my MOCF gonna try that and XP next time
  13. Shadyreaper

    [FS] ASUS Maximus IX Apex modded

    If it uses Alex method 7700k and 7350k work fine after mods
  14. Yeah 8700k and 8086k work fine for me also it's just missing Microcode in bios missing for 8350k no big deal I got a Maximus x apex for that