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  1. LMAO glad I got mine when they were still cheap 😂
  2. It's whatever they are using from the apex xi XP thread I'm pretty sure it's XP32
  3. Where you think I got these lol I went there and went through almost all his mem found 4 sticks that would do 12-11 4133 these will do it I think I had the VCCIO/SA voltages too low I only had like 5-6L to do this run with lol
  4. I have another set that will do 12-11 4180 but they are temperamental **nts lol
  5. Shadyreaper

    Close please

    Free bump for one of my favorite sellers
  6. Shadyreaper


    Any testing done with it?
  7. I like these boards I got one now it's nice to have DDR2 and DDR3 on one mobo
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