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  1. Testing some DDR4-32GB Kit Samsung B-Die Dual Rank. All kit can do great result on Maximus XII Apex! 1. Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB 3200 CL16-18-18-36 1.35v This kit seems using custom PCB, idk what version, but on M12A it only can post up to 4400, but no tight memory at this speed. This speed capable passing 3DMark11 Physics 4133 12-11-11 2T Tight @ 2.09v Max Stable Voltage. 2. G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 32GB 4000 CL17-18-18-38 1.4v (Batch October 2020) This kit using B2 PCB, which is good, because this kit can do high clock. Passing 4200 CL12-1
  2. Turbo V from IX Apex works way better than X Apex on XP.
  3. Agreed! Move to 11 Extreme & Vantage Extreme will make a lot of people benching it too i guess
  4. I will choose to move away from Vantage & 3DMark11 Performance to Vantage Extreme & 3DMark11 Extreme for more GPU Bound, and this bench is now free which we shouldnt have any problem with unlocking features now, and this helped with weaker cpu + too powerfull gpu. I like 01, but rather have 03 for Global please.
  5. I think global need to move to R15 because R15 can run on x32 cpu too if im not mistaken.
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