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  1. I think its only os corrupted, check your ssd health and temp. Try run memtest at xmp.
  2. Looking forward to this beast, thanks for the guides!
  3. Here in Indonesia, Asus Maximus XII Hero (Wifi) is priced US$500 for pre order price. This price is ridiculous and i may stay on 1151 for longer than it should lol.
  4. True, i checked almost all bios, 0022 or 1010 bios or ported x apex bios this 3 yield the best result.
  5. Is XI Apex bios can be ported to IX Apex? As XI Apex had some special menu in bios that might be useful on IX Apex. That will be cool
  6. Looks very good, i may can afford to buy 10900K but cant buy any board lol
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