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  1. If you use non uefi graphics card, try wait until system is restarted and try csm automatically, because first boot is without csm enabled.
  2. Hi, just to the point i want to share performance between windows 11 and windows 10, you can share yours too, maybe some benchmark better or slower on windows 11 vs windows 10 Geekbench 3 Windows 10 21H1 vs Windows 11 Dev Leaked Build. I think performance is within margin of error, can be because different bios version, but all settings is exactly the same.
  3. In my test DJR is very slow at 32m because latency on aida isnt that good, on the other hand bandwidth is very great. Sadly my IMC isnt that great so im limited by it very much. VDIMM usually maxed around 1.8-1.92v on air depending on stick. And vttddr is usually 0.89-0.91v max stable, so keep this in mind. This is single rank stick.
  4. It hangs and doesnt turn on anymore on bios 2. Maybe need cometlake cpu for updating microcode first? Because on bios 1 im updating to rkl beta bios with 10900K back than.
  5. I have this exact same issue on bios 2 with 2101 bios. I heard we need to use cometlake cpu to be able to start and updating ME. But currently dont have cometlake in hand i cant testing this.
  6. DDR4-4933 13-13-13 1T Tight Passing Geekbench 3 i5 11600KF | Asus ROG Maximus XIII Apex | G.SKILL Trident Z Royal 16GB 4000 CL15-16-16-36 1.5v
  7. True, not really fit in this thread, but im noob with superpi and benchmate. But i use bundled hwinfo, after checking that, version on hwinfo and on benchmate is not the same, maybe misswriting or something, but on hwinfo its v7.03-4435, but on benchmate it says v7.3-4435.
  8. New motherboard, bios, memory combo, idk if i can improving again, but idk why benchmate is not working properly? Try many os same result.
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