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  1. This is like allowing i9 12900K/KF to competing in 2 core category with i7 7350K, this is my point. Even on the same gen is like allowing i7 7700K to compete againts i3 7350K, its same performance core but still different.
  2. With 12900K as 16c only category, and 12600K 10c only category, people have less point drop overnight than 12900K as 8C and 12600K as 6C. Sure next gen will have a lot more cores but why force to kill older cpu points? 12900K vs 5800X and 12600K vs 5600X doesnt seem fair at all.
  3. What next? only Prime95 48 hours stable with all cores and ht enabled stable for CPU-Z Validation maybe?
  4. Im okay if disabled e cores but score is in with original category, meaning 12900K is still in 16 cores category. My guess is maybe e cores causing cold bug or bad behaviour under cold.
  5. DDR4-5600 19-27-27 1T Very Tight passed
  6. Treat it as it is, 16C is still 16C doesnt matter slower core, faster core, or different clocked between core, core count is still same. If 12900K/KF lose to 5950X/10960X, leave it as it is, because actual multithreading performance is slower, they still have single core performance advantages anyway. No need more complicated rules, now is already complicated enough.
  7. Joining again with new memory, much improved quality vs previous all DJR that i got.
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