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  1. Well done! Very nice efficiency!
  2. Now try direct die then :D Awesome memory kit!
  3. speed.fastest

    AMD Threadripper 2nd gen - up to 32 cores

    X399 even older bios can do Win7, only need some adjustment in bios with a week or more trial.
  4. Good job! Its true installing X399 on Win7 need some adjustment even on X399.
  5. Crazy! Its slow because dual channel, quad channel much faster on my test on 1950X!
  6. speed.fastest

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Good job! I like older competition style, much faster
  7. Database without point will be great, who care about points anyway? Nice write @RULE.
  8. I think global point is related to money oriented industry, other than that global doesnt matter a lot except from vendor that use overclocker to show score from new hardware. So what about remove global point and only hardware & wr point? It should be enough i think. Requirement from new hardware is what make overclocker goes i think, this because global points.
  9. Cheater is always cheater, find way to cheat everywhere, the problem here isnt cheater, but HWBot Database is broken, and money oriented overclocking industry is what make it broken.
  10. Top result Rauf! Probably will be a long to broke again lol