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  1. If you want to close to windows 7 performance use windows 10 1607 anniversary update or using Windows 8.1, both of them no need to integrating usb 3 driver.
  2. Hopefully i can touch that board, still have R6A and M9A only :D
  3. speed.fastest

    Add CB R20

    No, it can run windows 7 i did too, try googling download cinebench r20.
  4. Thats why you were apprentice, this temp is not enthusiast at all. Edit : you were doing great job benchmarking, but you were not enthusiast clocker.
  5. See the difference, voltage is difference, can you pass xtu 5.6ghz at 1.58v on ambient and did 5.8ghz 1.6v+ 3D?
  6. I had 6700K before that will so prime95 non avx pass on windows 7 lets say 4.2ghz 1.15v and bsod to boot windows 10 on same settings, so yes windows can affecting voltage.
  7. I will see if someone that have 5.5ghz r15 cpu 8700K/8086K with ambient will do 5.8ghz 3D on ambient, never seen yet
  8. Idk if you cheat cooler or not, but i bin 100+ 7700K with Hazzan too 5.5ghz r15 on ambient is the best result and its only 1 cpu.
  9. speed.fastest

    Leagues idea

    I think there is no need monitoring if league is only LN2, LHe, Cascade and Enthusiast merged with Apprentice.
  10. speed.fastest

    Leagues idea

    Im agreed to your very nice pov, it would be great to put chiller, single stage, ice bucket, and ambient cooler because if enthusiast still enthusiast after years they will likely going colder, and jumping from water to chiller isnt as hard as to jumping on cascade & ln2. For dice i think this will be around same as good single stage cooler/chiller.
  11. Thats why condensation is happen when you run below your ambient, he said he run on ambient.
  12. guess what, i live here in Indonesia which is everyday 30C+ with 80-100% humidity, never seens anyone have trouble with condensation here.