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  1. With mediocore result the point is mediocore too, i voted for 50 hw foe seasonal because why not? It can be not too costly and why would afraid it? If it 50 global per season that im afraid, you can sub 50 global a season that worthy? Im afraid my money cant keep it up with 50 global a season. Even 10-15 is already hard enough for me
  2. Thats really 1.2-1.25v sa/io? My 7800X scaling negatively above 1.03v not sure why. Great board nonetheless.
  3. speed.fastest

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    I can open mainpage from Indonesia
  4. GPUPI is good, but its pure cpu, it doesnt even care if single channel memory only.
  5. XTU actually is fun to bench, only if it support AMD and not only 2 seconds count for scoring. There is still no successor for SuperPi 32m for new platform, proper multithreaded & memory scales a lot! I only think is 3DMark11 Physics is only option for now to replace SuperPi 32m. And please dont do this unless you submit this to their developer only, so xoc is not dead. We dont know this if someone not publicing this. I respect your good job still!
  6. speed.fastest

    Crosshair VI hero max mem clock?

    Yes this platform allowing you to adjust subtiming, and with b die a1 pcb no slow POST on my case.
  7. speed.fastest

    Crosshair VI hero max mem clock?

    That is true, but Crosshair VII Hero is just stronger on memory like how Maximus IX Apex vs Maximus VIII Impact was, im done binning Crosshair VI Hero too. Just FYI, on AMD Rock Tour Competition here someone doing 4000 memory clock just on air which is almost impossible doing that on air on Crosshair VI Hero, even under cold (controlled cpu temp) i only can boot 3866 and with turbo vcore adjust it to 4000 on os with Crosshair VI Hero.
  8. speed.fastest

    X299 RAM OC

    You can see memory score and check valid url link here http://hwbot.org/submission/4014009_ Multicore Memory 9943 with only 6 core cpu
  9. speed.fastest

    Crosshair VI hero max mem clock?

    Max memclock should do more than this, but benchable memory clock is lower on Crosshair VI vs Crosshair VII for example.