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  1. I read this morning that Pt1t reached 6.5 on the 1090T he tested. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1149052 I don't know if this chip is simply a Golden Sample or not, but this promises a lot for the future.
  2. Interesting article. Any expectation on the clocks under Liquid Helium ?
  3. Hi guys, I was just browsing in the Opteron 90 nm category, and I just noticed that in the Opteron 285 ranking some scores in Wprime32 and 1024 don't have any granted points. I don't give you any link because they are many of them. I also guess, that this issue is not specific to Opteron 285 only, so perhaps you should (re)check the algorithm (or whatever you call it) that is granting points. Cheers, anvil
  4. Anyway, that's a really good competition ! You've done a really good job here.
  5. Ok that's perfectly clear, so we can already say that MX440 will have no point Do you have any financial interest in ebay ??? Juste a joke
  6. Well for exemple during the MSI Extrem Speedster, the Corei5 were given points depending on all CPUs, but at the end of the event, the best Core i5 was given 10 points in each stage. In the Hwbot OC 2010 challenge, le MX 440 are ranked with the Ti. Let's say the stage is over. Pxhx who is the best in the MX 440 has 0 point. But will Hwbot create a new ranking (as for MSI Extrem Speedster), in order to rank the MX440 separately? I do not know what will be the stage 2 in February, and depending on the hardware that will imply stage 2, this new ranking will be useful or useless, I mean if GeForces 4 are included or not in stage 2. Except if you create for each stage of the Hwbot OC challenge both high-end and low-end rankings. Cheers,
  7. Hi guys, Do those both rankings mean that the final ranking will be splitted in two? Low-end GeForce 4 on one hand and High-end GeForce 4 on the other hand? I have seen no reference to that in the presentation of the competition. Thanks
  8. Congratz to everyone ! Just one question, some of HwNOT scores have been deleted. This means that Topalof is the first one ?
  9. I do not know where you see in my sentences any kind of accusation... I'm just refering to his Hwbot scores and to the comment that c3tuning made. Sorry if people misunderstood me.
  10. If the user wants to validate his CPU-Z submission there is only one way : Submitting other benchmarks. The only thing is see in his account, is that his Wprime submissions are even not ranked in the top 100 of i920 category. I understand the people who are defending him, but even though someone is a friend of yours, you need some detachment...
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