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  1. gnidaol

    Computex 2017

    I'm in for the dinner Saturday as well I'll keep following to see how the final plans will be. I am out of hardware to take a benching spot at the gathering this year, but I'm still thinking about some possibilities. Anyway I'll be around, so let's have some fun there
  2. gnidaol

    Please Add SSD

    Hello! Would be possible to add the different and actual HyperX's SSDs to the list of Disk Series? HyperX Fury HyperX Savage HyperX Predator I only could find the "HyperX 3K" and a generic "HyperX" name on the list. Thanks in advance!
  3. Are the Overclockers too scared about going to Vegas?? It will be really HOT there Anyway, there's one day left for the next lucky draw! Nice stuff for the lucky guys
  4. Anyway FTW's 03 score didn't have systeminfo detecting his VGA, right? so it wasn't a tie at all.
  5. Just by curiosity what would be the rule if there wasn't a fourth country participating? Would it be only three spots in the end? Anyway let's wait the staff to consider everything while checking all scores and validations to get the final positions. I would like to end up with the 4th place. Although all issues I had I would be relieved that even with all effort maybe not being enough to get me the top spot in my country rank, in the end it could have given me the 3rd best PI 32m and 4th 3d03 and so the 4th place at the AM Qualifiers. Congrats again to the winners! let's see how msi will decide the 4th AM spot at the finals, hope it will be in a wise way.
  6. Congrats to everyone! I had my issues this year, it was impossible to get a lightning on time here in brazil (ok it would be possible by paying $2.299 USD) and the gaming edition has its MAX clocks limited to 1340/1625, no bios support from msi on this (they actually told me to that the "gaming app" should be more than enough for me if I was going to use a gaming edition VGA ). I still participate not just because it's maybe the only contest that still allows me to participate, but because I want to support the overclocking as a sport. I still think that if there's gonna be a rule of one person per country only, why it still separates the qualifiers by regions? If you are supposed to battle just the people from your own country everyone should fight together and the TOP 15 countries get qualified its top overclocker... It's a national MOA not a regional, but in the end your country should have scores good enough to get into the finals (Something like the olympics where you need to reach a certain time, high, distance, grade, etc to get to participate). FTW is a great OCer, it will be great if he could make it again to the finals, he beat my 03 score with great efficiency (maybe the lightning has a greater power limit than the gaming one, maybe his System info not detecting the card let the drive works better, or maybe my card just s... very hard or I wasn't smart to disable the systeminfo VGA detection as well), but definitely, if gunslinger can't really make it to the finals, everyone else should also have the opportunity to join it regardless of the country. Anyway, great job every one! I really hope that some of you can do really great on the finals this year and keep our "supposedly" four spots for next year. I wish I could battle in the finals again this year, but regardless of that I wish you all that made it good luck there! Lets keep overclocking and enjoying this fascinating art. Thanks MSI, not for the great support or for the killer hardware (IYKWIM), but for keeping the MOA through the years and because of that to end up motivating many overclockers to push it a little harder at least once in a year.
  7. There are two other possibilities as well that could work: Average score through four weeks (best score of each week) builds your final score. That would make everyone push it hard all the time. Or maybe announce and release the wallpaper with one month in advance but make it just one week to submit scores with some elimination point in the middle of it as well.
  8. This year will be tough. I hate this one person per country rule, but at least we still have the MOA Just hope the finals doesn't coincide with the Brazil Game Show... Last year that was a concern for all Brazilian finalists and this year it would be (I guess) again...
  9. Thanks! it took more than 10 hours to reach that frequency, it really wasn't easy... Hope to find one day a CPU with a better IMC to push even further.
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