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  1. Hi, #1 Apex XII, insulated with plastidip, all profiles on for 5200MHz+ for 11900k mem and for ln2 6.89G R20 on 10900k included in retail packaging. #2 X570 Dark Hero, insulated with plastidip, no HS, used for 6GHz on 5950X full pot, profiles included #3 EK-QuantumX Delta TEC, only used for testing once. (the QDC not part of the sale) #1 195€ #195€ #3 225€ buyer covers shipping, shipping worldwide. I'm a privat seller therefor I can't offer warranty, return or swapping items. cheers!
  2. man... Just pulled an all-nighter to learn XOC mode is not allowed. thx
  3. oh you mean temp, well thats pretty dumb cpu-z isn't picking that up correctly here, previously it did in the aida score. Same OS, two things changed, cpu-z version and bios version. So what is causing this? As I honestly didn't change anything with cpu-z but to use XOC mode. No unchecking sensors or anything.
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