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  1. Hi all, today I got: #1 Boxed 11900KF Definitely a nice chip for ambient, 5.3GHz and stays nice and cool. On cold it scaled nicely until 6.5GHz all-core apparently I didn't try more volts than 1.78v here. Single core max I didn't test on LN2. On -60 SS it did 6GHz on Core 3 with just 1.45v set. However I don't have a screen. IMC seems on par with the other chips. #1 575€ Location: GER, I can ship to EU and USA. Buyer choses shipping option and covers associated cost. Payment: Paypal F&F The usual:
  2. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    Re-Added the 11900KF 👍
  3. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    push updated offering
  4. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    last price update
  5. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    adding 11900KF boxed
  6. who can help me with efficiency? Learning 32M now... I mean benchmate makes it easy but I'm clearly missing something. I thought its just OS, but I see ppl running Win10 and still way ahead despite less agressive mem.
  7. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    push for great DRAM
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