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  1. This is quite a mod ! Definetly would love to see more pictures and how you attached things. We definitely not expected someone to fit an ATX PSU on the Mini (official support is for SFX) - The community keeps surprising us for sure !
  2. I am in there at the moment. Heading back to Canada in a few days. If you are not in a rush that could be reserved for next switch.
  3. Hi Amistero, You can power your system on directly using the power button on your motherboard or you can use a simple button/switch and connect it to you motherboard Pin. Let us know your motherboard model, this might helps to direct you for a solution. - Trouff
  4. Welcome @axiumone ! Actually the height of the standoff is not the challenge. The OBT mini and the OBT are designed to withstand full Extreme Overclocking, with massive super heavy cooler. Your d15 is actually a lightweight compared to specifications the OBT was built for. The mini respect the ATX specifications and if your motherboard bows there, it would in any other cases The reason your board bow can be : - strong or too tight cooling system - strong or too tight CPU Cooler backplate fixation - Limited rigidity of the motherboard PCB Please post pictures so that can help for diagnosis !
  5. We are aware of Chinese cheap knock-off based on the very unique OBT design. They are copy-cat, and clearly have a sub-par thought process in the way they are built. (Especially knowing that all the 3D plans & schematics are available to anyone for non-commercial purposes) This is what happen when you make great products You will be copied but never matched! Y'all know the only real OBT is the one at OpenBenchtable.com Thanks for sharing,
  6. For any thing confirmed+paid before thursday 1PM EST (GMT-5) it can ship from France or Canada, which one is cheaper. After that will ship from Canada.
  7. Thermalright AXP-100 + 140mm slim FAN - open box but never used really 292x128x1-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3BXd9q7Djc.webp
  8. Updated Opening Post with new stuff + new prices. Adding : - Patriot VIPER EXTREME - PC3 - 16000 - 2000Mhz 3*2GB (6GB) - 25eur - HX433C16PB3K2-16 - Hyper-X 2*8GB kits - (2 availables) - 85eur each - A-DATA SO-DIMM DDR3 - 4GB PC3-12800S-11 - 1600 - CL11 - 20eur
  9. Updated with lates sales and remaining hardware. @ground1556 the X58a-OC is still available. Will ship from France. Next details by PM.
  10. TRUE 120 - 20eur Adding more pictures as well. s478 mega pack - multiple CPUs + Geforce 4 MX + IDE to SATA + P4p800SE + stock Cooler X299 AORUS GAMING7 Mint Condition !
  11. New price ; - X58A-OC - Signed edition (by Cookie / Dinos...) - 180 Eur 150eur
  12. LGA775 Pack: + Intel Pentium 4 641 - SLK9KF - 3.2GHZ + Intel Pentium 4 641 - SL9KF - 3.2GHZ - second unit + Intel Pentium E2200 - SLA8X - 2.2ghz + Intel Celeron E1200 - SLAQW - 1.60GHZ Pack price : 40eur new price on : - Intel Pentium E2200 - SLA8X - 2.2ghz - Second unit - 90 eur 20eur - Intel Pentium 4 641 - SL9KF - 3.2GHZ - third unit - 90 eur 20eur - Intel Pentium (K) Anniversary edition - G3258 - 2 units - open box - Box + Cooler - 50eur each 30eur
  13. Updating the list with new stuff and removing the sold items.
  14. I still got a Z87 MPower AC MSI
  15. Got a working but SUPER DIRTY (kneaded eraser all over...) CROSSHAIR IV motherboard. Got a GTX 275 lightning with a broken Capacitors (a spare one is attached for it - jsut had no time to test.) - consider it dead Shipping from Canada
  16. Can you share the exact name so that other community member can use that too ?
  17. @shar00750 Nice build ! What did you use to fix the radiator ?
  18. I only have one 1090T left - 50eur + shipping I found out i have a 1045T as well -45eur + shippimg New Price : - GIGABYTE AORUS X299 GAMING 7 Motherboard - open box - 250Eur
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