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  1. I added my own screen shot of this bench since I left safe window open.
  2. Hi All... I installed Win 7 SP1 and also updates my chipset drivers and re-ran the bench and voila all 4 cores are active and more importantly stayed active. thanks Massman and GENiEBEN for the tip that did it for sure. My score is now 923 which I think is good. I will be OC the CPU now a little bit and see how much I can go. here is a screen shot of my last run. thanks again guys I am super happy now
  3. Hi Woodzstack... I am wondering if he made a mistake when he created the challenge... he is new to HWBOT... Hope he responds to our comments...
  4. Ah awesome I did not know that... let me install SP1 right now and I will post update shortly. thanks... I hope that does it
  5. I enabled the CPU throttling on the graph and I also enabled the Active Core Counts and I run run the bench. Look at my active core count it keeps bouncing never stays at 4, I seen it go down to 3,2 and even 1 during the bench that's not normal right? My temps are good and the CPU is not throttling.
  6. I did not know about the throttling graph, I will activate that right now and re-run the bench and see what happens. I will update with my results shortly.
  7. No I am not actually. I am running Windows 7 Pro with no updates. Do you think installing the latest SP will help this?
  8. Hi all, I've had my Asus ROG Hero and 4770k for a few months now and everything has been running great, but I've decided to install the Intel Extreme tuning Utility and try it out. My final score is 572 and that's running pretty much everything on Auto except a few things. So CPU is running at 3.5GHZ turbo pusing it to 3.9GHZ and my Ram is running at stock speeds using the XMP profile at 2400mhz. What I've notice is that the CPU Utilization keeps bouncing around from 100% to 40% over and over again and my temps are not higher then 59C so it's not a temperature issue but it looks like
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