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  1. Extreme Dark still for sale Bumpity GPU and Ram pot SHIPPED
  2. As the title says, I'm selling my pots to pursue other things. Money talks, PM me, we can work on prices , nothing is set in stone I have made a thread on Overclock.net where I have done alot of selling, But realize that is the wrong crowd to sell this particular hardware.. ****GPU POT AND RAM POT SOLD TO scbesterman**** Kingpin Extreme Dark still for sale $175 shipped , OBO !! http://www.overclock.net/t/1587712/kingpin-tek-9-fat-extreme-dark-and-sf3d-memory-pot-fs/0_100 Money talks, PM me, we can work on prices , nothing is set in stone
  3. PM incoming Consider the ripjaws sold
  4. I bought this board but have realized it is WAYY overkill, Used it for about 2 hours first day on water, and about 3 hours the other night on dry ice, Not even so much as a hiccup from her , ran great.. I know I will never do 4 way , and can get just as good results from another board.. So if you have any of these boards Gigabyte Z87X-OC ( first choice ) ASRock Z87 OC Formula, ASRock Z87M OC Formula, Asus Maximus VI Gene, Maximus VI Hero, MSI Z87 MPower Max Shoot me a PM so we can work out a trade ( obviously if its a cheaper board I would like some cash to top ).. If interested in buying. I'm already selling it at a bargain, please do not lowball ( offers are accepted, just again please be reasonable ) Outright sale price will be 385$ shipped Paypal will be the accepted method of payment Thanks for looking *** EDIT: lol also would like to add, I will pull off or leave the insulation on, Buyers choice. Guaranteed you wont be able to tell I also have this posted over at Overclock.net. If you would like to work the deal out there... Since I have no credentials here lol.
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