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  1. CPU is sold Apex board is still available.
  2. Last call, I put it up on EBay yesterday, it 100% will sell there.
  3. I'm not allowed to share due to signed NDA. I'll PM you an email address to send your request.
  4. Does it work with W10? If not, what's the point of releasing it for W7 that's one year from being obsoleted by Microsoft and already has been by AMD and Intel?
  5. all sold, thanks gents!
  6. Apex IX's and MOCF's sold
  7. Selling: Asus Apex X ready to bench, will include socket and PCIE slot gaskets CPU not included Asus Apex IX ready to bench, one board works and the other does not work. I don't have a compatible CPU to see which is which, so you'll get both boards. ASRock Z-170 MOCF The LET board died while benching, the clean board worked great but then would not post after I swapped out a 6700K and installed a 7700K I'll include both boards for parts. Price: Apex X: $250 shipped Apex IX: $150 shipped SOLD MOCF's: $100 shipped SOLD PayPal for payment Heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/61643/to
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