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  1. Thank you, all! So nice to be back again to OC after my health problems & COVID-19 pandemic. Surely enjoyed the ROG OC Gathering as always.
  2. Yes, Peter-san kept saying 44s all the way to get the second one. Me too of course. It was very nice to meet you again in Taipei, dinos22-san.
  3. Thank you George_oc-san. Thanks for a nice video,SoFos-san. The first 44s run got immediately crashed when opened the CPU-Z.
  4. Thanks so much, giorgioprimo-san. Posted memory as Perfect Storm as Shamino-san couldn't remember the exact p/n. After checking with Frank-san at G.Skill, he told me the memory should be early sample of TridentX with BBSE ICs. Sorry for a mixed up.
  5. Thanks so much all!! Like Shamino-san & Andre-san, I never gave up-- 44s,44s, go go go with the G.Skill CL5 memory!!! Always enjoy benching with these awesome OCers!!
  6. Fore sure on right mobo & memory, Andre-san. My first run with about 3L of left over LN2:D) http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/9077/r4egskill3960xmodpi32m5.jpg
  7. Temp was -21.5 +/- 0.1C. I think this chip has more room to play as we could bench around 4hrs straight without any single reboot and less than 10L of LN2...
  8. Thanks!! Batch# is 3013A472, but, it's quite difficult to say all chips in the same batch are good though...
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