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  1. 2T only works for bugbench, i mean GeekBench. I wanted to test for 32m. To eliminate variables, i tried keeping majority of the settings on Auto. Only settings not on Auto in mem tweaker was 12-12-28-1T tRFC = 240, tCWL =14, twrrd_sg ==> 25 twrrd_dg==> 21. As suggested by Alex. Also, tried tight profile on rest on the timings, still no luck getting it trained. Since you mentioned 2T, it seems Apex X hits its limits around 4666Mhz divider for C14, cannot train higher than that even with Ln2 IMC. Gene or Dark might be required for more.
  2. @Alex@ro Any suggestions to get past code 60, BA or the usual 49,55 on Apex X with A2 PCB? 4K works, 4133 doesnt train, on sticks doing 4200 on MOCF. I did follow your instructions from above. Only works for 4K tho.
  3. XP works on bios posted in this thread.
  4. This is an important point. IMO, we have less votes because this poll isnt being advertised properly, I didnt even know it existed till I stumbled upon it in forums. Can @richba5tard please advertise the existence of this poll on the frontpage so we can get more people to chime in? I have no issue with how the votes stand currently, but later on there's always someone who complains that they didnt get their opinion heard.🤷‍♀️
  5. As I understand, this is limited to profiles only though.? Seems a simple solution is to not use profiles.
  6. rtsurfer

    Intel IGP bioses

    You didnt look hard enough Here
  7. rtsurfer

    Intel IGP bioses

    M9A one should be in its thread as well.
  8. My vote is 3 leagues. Elite, Extreme & Enthusiast/rookie. Also, I do not think Enthusiast should be able to make extreme cooling submissions with points turned off (outside of special oc gathering events) and stay in the Enthusiast league. They have clearly demonstrated the capability/access to Extreme cooling & any of their further submissions with "ambient cooling" are suspect. More so than usual.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^ Pretty much my experience. Lost profiles as well. 😥 BCLK oc does work tho. Also would be nice if we could access ln2 volts without setting the jumper. 2.0VDIMM is quite limiting. 😬