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  1. subaruwrc

    [FS] 9900k

    there is a 6.8gig cinebench chip fs on similar price. would you reconsider your price ? maybe interested.
  2. Donno. Or cpu is this sucker. factory default 4th core is weak as f...ck. maybe thats the only limit. I tried with psc and micron gtr but eff was shit both times. I think its a bios bug. When I use factory default 4 cores it is eff 1.0 when I use 3 factory cores and 1 unlocked to get 4 cores total,performance drops to like 10-20%. everything is the same.
  3. thanks for the kind words bro! As 32m is yours ;)
  4. why Im shit with 890fxa ud7 and same cpu ? eff is like 4 core pushing only ... congrats on your result btw ! eff king
  5. when will msi leave their stupid bios naming sheme finally ?
  6. subaruwrc

    (FS)DDR4 G.Skill/ DDR3 - OC Ram

    free bump
  7. why dont you just fucken start a new thread for the z170 formula if you love it so much? spamming this thread since weeks lol. pretty annoying.
  8. end of hedt platform :) nice job bro!
  9. subaruwrc

    (FS)DDR4 G.Skill/ DDR3 - OC Ram

    payment sent