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  1. Its heavily cpu dependant, I think. I did not even reach 1866 to boot on this 3800x. tried vddg up to 1.175- soc 1.2 - but cldo vddp was auto. aida benches are not that strong, with a good eff I think read should be well over 60k, as well as copy.
  2. These seems to be the max from this imc on air.
  3. yup thanks that worked. shame the cpu is only good for 1833fclk on air. vddg 1.06 maybe scales a bit more.
  4. Will try this fclk to mem thing. amd cbs menu nbio settings, xfr enchancement fix is done. but its ineffective
  5. what? I can set fclk but uclk will be dropped. it says if I leave fclk auto it will be = to uclk but still drops to 2:1 above 3600mhz mem freq.
  6. with 0015 bios same issue. any input ? its sad that I lose a ton of performance because of dropped uclk freq.
  7. I think its a pain in the ass that they use internal model names for them. when I unrar a bios file to my bios update pendrive , it got lost between the other files lol confusing. numbering is ok but naming should be better
  8. when will MSI finally give normal names to their bioses ?
  9. how can I force the board not to drop uclk to 2:1 as soon as I go above 3600 memclk ? ch8 impact bios 0050, 3800x - a1 b-die. uclk = memclk is set under nbio options / xfr enchancement, same drop occurs.
  10. enough to see so many big names go rage quit. then you get your answer. normal guys with far less possibilities, will lose interest far more quickly.
  11. this topic is just sick ! more info and knowledge in 1 post than all of my OC knowledge ever
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