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  1. subaruwrc

    GB Z77X-UP7 - lower RAM overclocking

    can I get high bclk in the orange pcie slots? or the black only? its missing from my board
  2. subaruwrc

    FS-EU Z77 OC Formula

    for sale is an asrock z77 oc formula board. just board without io shield or box. in good condition. shipping preferred eu.. buyer pays shipping fees paypal accepted looking for 200 euros for start.
  3. mine running 105C at 1.1v under dark rock pro 4 during some tests of prime in place fft lol ..
  4. I think the liquid metal is not consistent enough with heat transfer. try kryonaut or other paste if it solves that.Ive tested a similarly liquid metal relidded 7980xe retail and that was the symptoms too. hottest core is 105c with 90-85 the coldest under prime. dark rock pro 4 cooler.
  5. it can be closed.
  6. subaruwrc

    2700x/X470 Taichi Win7 install issues

    use the most left sata ports. ryzen iso here from the forums have to work.
  7. nah,it was only x86 cpuz limitation x64 version shows correct amount
  8. have you tested 1.40 bios ? 1.20 is better ?
  9. it turns out, cpu was overheating and dropping power in gt1.. thanks for your tips mate!
  10. @slinky. newer version of benchmark wow such a trick. maybe you will need to born again too to have a less pathetic personality
  11. subaruwrc

    2700x/X470 Taichi Win7 install issues

    what does it mean it is not working ? shows driver missing message on install ?
  12. subaruwrc

    2700x/X470 Taichi Win7 install issues

    hey I managed to install it with r7 1700 cpu then update needed usb drivers once done. with updated drivers integrated in the iso install should be no problem on 2x00 cpu either. btw ryzen compatible iso can be found here on the forums