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  1. Lotsa info here http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?80-Vapor-Phase-Change-Cooling
  2. Any decent A2 that can bench 4800c14 tight should be able to do 4600c16 1T
  3. With capable A2 kits 4600+ 1T possible on M11A with 0905 and newer bios
  4. ROG MemTweakit https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PhC6UJjPEAqJ9bVEDJhK0EVAnKcLYfH/view
  5. I'm petty sure you need maxmem tweak to boot to windows with 4933c14 settings 5Kc14
  6. You need more cooling on cpu. Heres amd sets @ 4800c14 with subs as tight as z390.
  7. dumo

    Gskill 4800C18

    Sold. Thank you for space Hwbot.
  8. dumo

    Gskill 4800C18

  9. dumo

    Gskill 4800C18

    F/S Good 4800C18 $625 shipped con USA All testing on air. Ymmv! Intel 4933 4850+ 1T AMD 4666/fclk1900 14-13-13 @1.905V 4733/1900 14-13-13 @ 1.995V
  10. Mike's 9900k won't boot with 4800c18 kit on xmp and definitely no 4800c14. On memory side, not all 4800c18 kit can do 4800c14 bench stable, eventhough it can go 5000+ with xmp settings.
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