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  1. Many retail 4770k about 1.15v-1.26v 4.5G But the one best.... L306B***
  2. lucky chip ! GO not like voltage, first run,vfsb 1.5v pll 1.8v ,Second run , mod all
  3. I Sent hkepc john John test with LN2 PCB 53 6.887G http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2549013 NOW IMC DUAL CHANNEL 3150MHZ ,mem is not well waiting retest
  4. L211B226 3570k×2 PCB 0051 4.5G 1.06v p95 1.26v 5G 4CORE PI 32M On air cooling U120E PCB 0053 4.5G 1.08v p95 1.28v 5G 《----- IMC 2982mhz on air
  5. In my opinion this activity is a joke ,Because only China !hahaha
  6. Don't you think asrock marketing would be let players on many results make the game looks very nice?
  7. "duanln", "yang" and "ParanoiAMD" at Beijing EP= ST=speedtime team edison at Guangzhou
  8. http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2319461_ http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2315917_ same? You know
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