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  1. List of teams as of July 7, 2005. If you look at the number in the database 488270 It was presented earlier. Number of results as of January 1, 2006 for processor tests
  2. a - ? b = Elpida c - ? d - ? Where is the PSC
  3. Good job. Сколько времени теперь перегонять всё. 3D ни когда не закончить.
  4. This year, this is the last part. I hope to continue and update no earlier than in half a year.
  5. I didn't find a topic where to ask for deletion. I'll ask you here. Delete my results Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz (Northwood, FSB 100) https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?userId=31709&cpuId=333 In the box there is a processor and in the folder on the computer the results of Celeron and not Pentium.
  6. Sorry for my English You don't notice that you have almost two identical processors. On the same architecture. And the PI time test is completely different ??? The test reacts to Uncore Freq in such a way that I don't think it's good. What the developer will say. Not from your side, but from the program's side. https://hwbot.org/submission/4616721_turbo1_krieg_mathbenchmark_gui_core_i7_10700k_2385_pts https://hwbot.org/submission/4592243_turbo1_krieg_mathbenchmark_gui_core_i9_10900k_1927_pts You can see that the 10900 processor has all the points better tha
  7. It was an idea to collect all the events in the world, regional or global, before 2010. But I do not know many names of these events to search in the search engine. Then there was an idea to collect everything after 2010. For several years with interruptions. I decided to write what I found, and add it later in the process of finding it. Sorry for my English.
  8. Many people don't understand what we are doing here. So what do we do now ??? Sorry for my English.
  9. My patience is wearing thin. 2010-11 are 60% ready, will they be released ? I really want to but I don't know. After that, i need a year of rest.
  10. Today is 30 years He died in a car accident Viktor Tsoi. We will always cherish the memory of him in our hearts. ЦОЙ ЖИВ.
  11. Мне готовится в статью вносить изменения ?
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