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  1. My 2003 result + - fits into the 2003 Veld result. https://hwbot.org/submission/4148756_alexmaj467_3dmark03_geforce_6800_gt_agp_(gddr3_256bit_nv40)_18431_marks 2001 not let us compare I in it not very Yes and quite different platforms amd vs intel. Sorry for my English, this is an online translator. Sorry I understand what the problem is, but I don't have the usual 6800 ddr to tell you exactly
  2. Today is 30 years He died in a car accident Viktor Tsoi. We will always cherish the memory of him in our hearts. ЦОЙ ЖИВ.
  3. Мне готовится в статью вносить изменения ?
  4. web.archive.org - www13.plala.or.jp/setfsb
  5. Sorry for the Google translator. There is a suggestion that the division of career and annual rating has been going on for several years. Make at the end of each year on December 31, saving neither the first 100 users in each League, the first 100 teams and also countries. This will be convenient for the story. Maybe some script will do this once a year, and save it to a special page where you can go and see who was the most productive in 2020, and so on.
  6. This material is in oftop, because first it is in Russian, and the second there is a brief description of the commands ex USSR. In principle there is already a topic here on the forum specifically for competition in the world for overclocking. The work is not finished yet while collecting information on the competitions of 2007-2011. I will continue to collect 2012 - 2016 and so on. And all add to the topic on the forum, and the name of the topic to correct. All additions about competitions on overclocking by year, I will add in that topic about competitions. And the article will be added gradually. Sorry for my Google translator chat.
  7. My article. Unfortunately, this is in Russian. You can try Google Translate. Go to the article by clicking on the image. But even without translation, you will see a lot of old screenshots.
  8. Sorry for my English this is a Google translator. I decided to find out the history of all competitions both world and regional while interested in 2002-2006. I started in 2010 so I don't know where else to look. My article, but in Russian when you click on the image. Below is the text without a description. 2002 year 决战升技之巅--中外DIY现场群英会 - The top of the Battle of abit -- Chinese and foreign DIY Related links, announcements, reviews, and so on. 全球硬件老大Tom来华玩脑 1月18日晚 同济大学 决战升技之巅 TOM:现身来到升技上海分公司 “决战升技之巅—中外DIY现场群英会”报道之二 “决战升技之巅”——硬件老大TOM神州行 DIY有真假?且听全球电脑玩家老大TOM怎么说 Tom展示超频系统 Tom's Hardware Guide-легенда о хирурге "Sveriges snabbaste PC år 2002"! Sveriges Snabbaste PC år 2002 Анонс не из веб архива SSPC2002 Information om SM - bakgrundsinformation, frågor och svar preliminära tävlingsresultaten Jimmie Knutas aka Stinger и Markus Ålind aka QazTaz Intervju med vinnarna i SMPC2002 升技“四大天王” - Abit Cup " Four Kings” 升技DIY四大天王争霸赛西安赛区比赛见闻 “找的就是你——中国真DIY四大天王争霸赛”鸣锣在即 千名DIY争做升技“四大天王” 升技“四大天王 ” 你准备好了吗? Правила на abit.com.cn 升技“真DIY四大天王”争霸赛强手胜出 我叫施澄秋,南京 薛骏,上海人 今天出场的则是广东中山的“玩家杀手”杨宁 北京的“晶片神侠”李智伟 升技“真DIY四大天王”赛场电脑配置揭密 2003 year 升技“四大天王” - Abit Cup " Four King of Gangster ” 升技、英特尔重奖寻找DIY四大天王 博士、硕士的DIY之旅——第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之二 DIY英雄出少年——第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之三 第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之一 第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之五 成都DIY双雄京城叫板——第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之四 央视聚焦DIY高手京城比武——“第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛”决赛 第二届升技DIY四大天王争霸赛现场纪实 第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛选手介绍之五 2003年度升技四大天王装机争霸赛尘埃落定 Deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft (DOCM 2003) Erste Overclocking Meisterschaft startet in Hannover - heise.de Сайт где все эти турниры указаны и их результаты,правила и так далее. docm.org Deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft - rio71.de Bericht von Hardware-Tweaker - hardware-tweaker.de Bericht von Tweakers4u - tweakers4u.de - Seite 1 --- Seite 2 --- Seite 3 --- Seite 4 --- Seite 5 - DOCM,就是德文Deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft的缩写 - Need for Speed: 1. Deutsche Overclocking-Meisterschaft in Hannover - tomshardware.de Kurzreport: Erste deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft - computerbase.de Deutschland sucht den schnellsten Rechner - heise.de Winnaars Duitse overklokwedstrijd bekendgemaakt - tweakers.net Abit Overclocking Competition 2003 ABIT OverClocking Contest Правила соревнования в PDF. "Viper" "robotech" "Rundymc и Krado" "Geosin" "Deathgame и VincentV" "Stratix и tUx" "Shamino" "Ristar" "xtn32 и DriftDriver" Заметка в журнале HWM об этом. Abit Overclocking Competition 2003 - hardwarezone.com.sg ABIT Overclocking Competition - súťaž ako sa patrí - pc.zoznam.sk 升技新加坡超频大赛纪实 - power.zol.com.cn ABIT:新加坡超频大赛纪实 - ocer.net Uitslag en foto's van Abit overklokwedstrijd -tweakers.net Svenskt Mästerskap: "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2003"! "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2003"! - nordichardware.se Introduktion till SM i datorprestanda 2003 Tidsplan, Kategorier Generella regler Prestand-SM 2003 skickade 47 Intervju med vinnarna i SMPC2003 - nordichardware.se Overclock Grand Prix 2003 OCGP2003 2004 year HardwareZone Christmas Affair 2004 HardwareZone Christmas Affair 2004 - hardwarezone.com.sg HWM Svenskt Mästerskap: "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2004"! "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2004"! -nordichardware.se Årets SM i Datorprestanda slår nu upp portarna! Tidsplan Generella regler och jury Instruktioner Topplistan Prestanda-SM börjar hetta till Prestanda-SM 2004 – historiens bästa? Preliminär resultatlista Slutgiltig resultatlista Intervju med Jimmie Stinger Knutas Intervju med Robert Crotale Kihlberg ASUS Cup Computer Overclocking App Competition 超频大赛现场报道之第一人称目击版 - ocer.net 挑战后天!华硕杯超频大赛落下帷幕 - it.sohu.com 狂超4.87GHz 华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛完美谢幕 - it.sohu.com 挑战后天――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛火爆开幕 - zol.com.cn 狂超4.87GHz――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛完美谢幕 - news.zol.com.cn 挑战后天――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛火爆开幕 - news.mydrivers.com 狂超4.87GHz――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛完美谢幕 - news.mydrivers.com 挑战后天!华硕杯超频大赛落下帷幕 - pcpop.com PC Pitstop's Top Dawg Challenge! Who's the Fastest? Are you the Top Dawg? - pcpitstop.com раз - два - три. Победители.And the Winners Are - pcmatic.com Overclock Grand Prix 2004 Страница правил,условий, призов.OCGP 2004 2005 year Svenskt Mästerskap: "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2005"! "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2005"! - nordichardware.se Generella regler och jury - nordichardware.se Topplistan - nordichardware.se SMPC2005: Kinc och Crotales vinnarsystem - nordichardware.se [CBB]2005台中網聚圖片 有圖貼圖 無圖討論 [CBB]2005台中網聚圖片 有圖貼圖 無圖討論 DFI Diamond Cup winnies Overclocking Heroes в Пекине DFI钻石杯小熊超频英雄会活动概要 - beareyes.com.cn DFI钻石杯小熊超频英雄会全面启动 - digi.it.sohu.com DFI钻石杯小熊在线超频大赛现场决赛规则 - lanparty.beareyes.com.cn DFI钻石杯小熊在线超频大赛现场决赛名单 - beareyes.com.cn Страница конкурса - lanparty.beareyes.com.cn 2005北京超頻比賽部分照片 Ещё фото. coolaler.com Taiwan, Korea O.C Showdown in Computex 2005 Match of the Century – Taiwan, Korea O.C Showdown in Computex - gskill.com Show Our Honor to all the Contest Attendee - gskill.com Overclocking Exhibition on Texas Gaming Festival 2005 The Great Texas Overclocking Competition - anandtech.com Texas Gaming Festival and Overclocking Exhibition Sponsored by ATI and OCZ - auphanonline.com DFI Overclocking Competition in China, Bei Jing DFI Overclocking Competition in China, Bei Jing - vr-zone.com DFI Overclocking - coolaler.com 華人的盛會 Anti-X @ DFI鑽石杯超頻英雄會 - anti-x.org 2006 year abit Overclocking Competition 2006! abit Overclocking Competition 2006!! - vrzone.com Abit Overclocking Competition 2006 - modding.ru. Exclusive! ATi's DIY Overclocking Heroes Summit ATi DIY Overclocking Heroes' Summit - vr-zone.com Universal abit UK Overclocking Competition Universal abit UK Overclocking Competition bit-tech.net abit.ohyeah.idv.tw Swedish Computer Performance Championship 2006 "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2006"! -nordichardware.se Topplistan - nordichardware.se Swedish Computer Performance Championship 2006 The first results in SCPC 2006 have arrived Celeron Mobile 1500@4170MHz = 178% overclock Kinc extends his lead with a new result at 23.343 points Kinc reaches 23,777 in 3DMark 06 – Kinpin counters with 24,011 points! SCPC 2006 – 27 hours left Preliminary winners and results - Jon ”elmor” Sandström the winner of the Price/Performance category The winners - SCPC 2006: The winners - TECHLABS OVERCLOCKING 2006 1-й национальный конкурс "TECHLABS OVERCLOCKING" - techlabs.by Победить в конкурсе Techlabs Overclocking может каждый - Интервью с Мирославом Бабицким на nestor.minsk.by Завершился конкурс «TECHLABS OVERCLOCKING» - Обзор с фото на vibra.ws Scythe WorldWide "Overclock to the Max!" Contest - Новость на overclockers.ru Новость на www.techpowerup.com Новость на www.tweaktown.com Home Interactive Technologies 2006 Home Interactive Technologies 2006 . Более подробно. Как я провёл зиму выставку или почти всё о HIT 2006 (Часть 1) - topmods.net H I T 2006 - xard.ru. Экстремальный разгон: Intel Kentsfield под жидким азотом. topmods.net Экстремальный разгон c жидким азотом (HIT 2006) автор TiN (Цеменко Илья) P.S If anyone knows what other notable competitions and events were held in these years, please write to us. I will search them for information for the history.
  9. This is for selecting the best bunch was, now less but only the best remained + 50 pieces have not tried to select, nor how it will not come to this. Это для отбора лучших кучка была, сейчас меньше, но только лучшие остались + 50 штук ещё не пробовал отбирать, никак не дойдёт до этого дело.
  10. I'm very interested. But unfortunately while I'm doing something else, maybe in 4 months there will be time to do a little bit of CPU selection. And it will take 15 months from the last submission of the result. Let's expand it for 2 years for inactivity.
  11. So it doesn't get lost. Found some patch that does not know. https://web.archive.org/web/20040322033109/http://europe.giga-byte.com/VGA/FileList/Driver/driver_595u_gt_patch.exe driver_595u_gt_patch.exe
  12. There is such a BIOS. But it's not 520 MHz Can the PCB (product) version be different? Тайминги памяти сравни обязательно.и сколько мегабайт я не знаю. Если Max1024 качал с китайского сайта то этот от туда же и ни чем от его не отличается. GV-N595U-GT_f1.zip
  13. Sorry for my English. You all do a great job. I have a hope this year to get to socket 462, and select the accumulated processors and can take 280 over the bus.
  14. Ouch. what parameters do you use to consider an inactive participant. 1-2 years ?
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