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  1. We really Splave to ask Nick for us again. He was going to already. Anyhow - that's how it got Nick's attention last time. Looking back though, the only noteworth improvement seems to be... this ? > Core selection fixed 1/2/3/4/5/6 all available now instead of 1/2/3/6 Then I think I can live with that. Unless it was being able to set specific per-core multipliers. Rather than enable / disable cores completely. Or perhaps there were also other kinds of improvements on the mOCF side? Then I am not aware of them.
  2. Well you say that, but mine was only $50 USD including shipping. (2nd hand, ebay). Because one of it's pci-e slots had been ripped off by accident. Everything else works just fine though 😋 Tee hee
  3. Yes - please see if you can remink him about it, the next time an opportunity comes up. Quite a few of us have the full ATX version here
  4. Ah yes! But is that also fixed on the full ATX version BIOS? We still have the same version from April. No further updates since that time. https://community.hwbot.org/topic/175489-asrock-z170-mocf-lives-on-coffee-lake-mods/?do=findComment&comment=496834 Kind Regards (full ATX version owner)
  5. Then it's not missing the SKT_OCC, which means it is not your problem.
  6. Hey there. Photos show other way you can connect the SKT_OCC pins of the socket together: Either way does same thing, it tells the board that there is a coffee lake CPU inserted into the socket. (because that function moved in coffee lake to a different pinout location)
  7. Thanks Nick! Outstanding stuff. We are very grateful. I will also let my friend know online, who has same board. We were planning to make a mod BIOS ourselves but you saved us the work. BTW (and this is important) there have also been found a number of boards which did not change very much from Z270 to Z370. The design is much the same, including the VRMs and layout etc. These boards have been backwards flashed with Z370 BIOS succesfully. This then lets support FULL overclocking features and controls for hex core. Since we noticed that you may have skipped / passed on updating super carrier / i7 professional / oc formula in z370. The any Z390 board with similar IR35201 and other design is going to be helpful as a backwards flash candidate. This may not be possible for such board as Z170 OCF here. But there is still others like Z270 supercarrier and it seems IR35201 is still used. Of course you may need to change board design in future successor products for many other reasons and purpose. So not to worry about Just wanted to say / mention..
  8. +1 But I can see why splave is only interested in bothering with the Micro ATX version though... because as an overclocker, the 2 dimm slots is much better. Wheras the regular ATX board was known to be somewhat problematic in regards to the memory. Still, I don't happen to own the M-ATX version. Just the full atx myself. No idea where else / proper channels to ask about this since it is an unofficial mod BIOS. Will be getting a hardware flasher soon.