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  1. in MEMORY DETAILS written even 217MHz. So the question is 210 vs 213 MHz or 217 ?
  2. Maybe we can team up and start writing a book about the history of overclocking?
  3. Cool OC device, I have one such board from MSI, this also will be useful )
  4. Plan to make the 2d part in a couple of month or so.
  5. Hello clockers I just love overclocking, I write various articles, but I had the idea for a long time to write about the most famous and interesting characters that have left a significant mark in the history of overclocking and brought something new to it. I had to spend a lot of time collecting all the various information together and that's what happened. Overclocking Legend Ian "8Pack" Parry - The Beginning. https://overclockers.ru/lab/show/110562/retrokloking-legenda-overklokinga-ian-8pack-parry-nachalo You can translate the article using google translate.
  6. WoW, Again... Vishera WR again, 8.3Ghz+ OMG, When will this all end? 9 GHZ? ha-ha
  7. I have a couple of thoughts. We are talking about motherboards with several physical sockets, 2, 4, 6 and 8. How many windows should be opened in the CPU-Z (options - one with the last processor's number or Two - with the first and last processor)? I think something needs to be written in the rules for multi-socket configurations. The second thought concerns the accrual of points & etc. for the CPU-Z validation of such multi-socket systems. The current version of the Rules does not provide any score for this, since the best result is taken from one-socket configurations. But why not ment
  8. Cool memory )) on what ics DDR4-5066 and 5333 Mhz made? Micron ?
  9. 2 leeghoofd it is not for Pro OC 2021 Round 1 Stage 2 competition, just for Fun ;)
  10. Can't choose ASUS AV7 from MB list :-0 but mobo is exist. Can you change ASUS A7V880 -> ASUS A7V in my submission https://hwbot.org/submission/4692926_max1024_reference_frequency_a7v880_118_mhz http://valid.x86.fr/i05d3d UPDATE. Please delete shis submission. From second time I've choose A7V then Choose Brand Asus and all worked out.
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