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  1. Happy New 2022 Year to all Overclockers around the World!
  2. https://overclockers.ru/lab/show/115556/retrokloking-athlon-64-fx-57-samyj-bystryj-i-dorogoj-odnoyadernyj-processor-amd Retroclocking: Athlon 64 FX-57 - The Fastest, and the Most Expensive AMD Single-Core Processor
  3. Nice song and video LOL for all overclockers ))
  4. Is it possible to buy BOX-case w card separately? (Answer in PM please)
  5. UL Benchmarks announced the availability of a new disk subsystem benchmark as part of the 3DMark suite. It has been specifically designed with the gaming performance in mind of SSDs, HDDs, hybrid drives, and other storage devices. Very interesting Test for HDD/SSD section, plan to use on HWBOT? https://benchmarks.ul.com/3dmark/buy-storage-benchmark-dlc
  6. Dear TerraRaptor you are showing disrespect to the public again. This is an English-language resource, you should not write in national languages (I do not teach you, I suggest, I think many will agree with me on this), this is at least inappropriate and causes discomfort for readers. If everyone writes here in their own language, there will be chaos, this is not a rule - but common sense and ethical norms. Let's respect each other. But I will still answer your first question (I will translate it for the rest: “Tell me, what's wrong with the Belarusian flag being in 3rd place?”) My answer - Any place, phenomenon, event MUST be Honored. There is no need to substitute concepts and meaning, there is nothing bad if the Belarusian flag and the mention of the Country are in third place, But it Should be Deserved! With this I will conclude this useless discussion with you.
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