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  1. It is necessary to check on own experience lol.
  2. MrGenius Ths for your thoughts 😃 Some people have already tried to make friends with SL7QB and G31-M4 board, but each time on the screen saw this message: "The Max Power of CPU is over 95W. Prepare to shut down………". I don’t have board yet and I can’t check, but I think it's possible to get around this protection. If you are able to find it before me, write here what you did.
  3. Ha-ha, if you want know something about IBM Pentium IV clcick this my new story Translated via Google
  4. max1024


    I WANT IT!
  5. Rules => https://hwbot.org/news/9946_application_94_rules/
  6. And I consider FB-dimm to be a separate standard that does not overlap with DDR2. All previous years and the editors of HWBOT, this truth did not cause questions. How does it make sense to raise this issue if it has already been resolved before us? There are a lot of other issues that need to be resolved, at least, to keep me up, which will be of real benefit to all.
  7. The idea of combining FB-dimm with ordinary DDR2 is meaningless imho. Firstly, completely different preassignment and hardware component. For all frequency and speed characteristics, the FB-dimm will lose, no examples are needed here. This is the same as combining FPM and EDO based on the conclusion, that they are structurally the same and the number of contacts is identical. I suggest that energy be directed in a different direction. Somehow, in search of one user, I stumbled upon a situation when I found more than a hundred registered overclockers from my own micro-country, with zero points and no results. It seems to me that there will be hundreds of thousands of such users who have been hanging for many years, and this is the place in the tables, and a waste of time in calculating their zero results. I propose to remove all those who registered more than a year ago and did not give a single result, I think this will benefit the HWBOT database.
  8. max1024

    Asus K8N

    YES! Only Model & coolong
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