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  1. Sockets POINTs I want to offer to give extra points or medals or something else for the best performance on the each CPU SOCKET. In all processor tests. No difference is Socket7, 478, or 2066, if an overclocker won 1st place in Super Pi, CPU-Z or Cinebench, why not encourage it? For all other overclockers, this will also be an incentive to take exactly the first place because it will give, besides the usual points, more and more advantages. Add a fixed amount of points (20-30-50) for all processor tests for the first place. What do you think about this?
  2. max1024

    Followers !!!

    You do not uderstand us, we mean to see our followers on maim HWBOT.org site What to do in this case ? I have a one follower oops.
  3. And how in comparison with EVGA x299 Dark WRM? Where better what are the pros and cons?
  4. max1024

    Followers !!!

    Aslo very intetesting. Owner must be know who is followed him. How to see it?
  5. max1024

    [FS] E2180/E6300/E6400, MFR, single stage, dewar

    PM on #32: 2x512MB Corsair 3200C2. Asking 10 Euros + shipping
  6. max1024

    HWBOT Prime 1.0.0 released

    Today I have tried v.1.0.2 on WinXP with Java7, it is doesn't work but with 0.8.3 all is ok. When I click on 1.0.2 nothing happened see screen with task manager.
  7. What screenshots can disappear and is there a technical solution so that they still remain? On old photos there is a lot of useful information and it will be very a pity to lose them
  8. max1024

    HWBOT Prime 1.0.0 released

    Tell me please in the new HWBOTPrime 1.x.x will be planned support for Java 7 or not? And will there be a division of this test into two versions, according to the principle of the Cinebench, for example 2003, 11.5, 15? After all, this multi-threaded test is very good for comparing the performance of old systems where Java 8 is simply not installed.
  9. max1024

    HWBOT Prime 1.0.0 released

    For oldschool need Java7 :0 is it possible to add this support? Couple days ago i behch 6xPentium Pro [url=http://hwbot.org/submission/4029265_], now with "old" hwbot prime[/url] it was total fun, what will be in fiture?
  10. Second Part is Ready 😃 Second Part of Project36
  11. In new Part-II will Cinebench 2003 and Cinebench 10 and also WP32, HBP https://overclockers.ru/hardnews/show/95062/sedmoj-processor-v-proekte36-retroklokera-max1024 Now need to fix one bug with sumission.
  12. @TAPAKAH - YES! any number and even and not even (1,2...5,6). I will write about this in the second part of my article. Link to the first under my result.
  13. GRIFF - 250Mhz )) 240Mhz - 60*4 is not stable, I need six LN2 pots for 250 and higher LoL. But I'm work about it =)