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  1. Congrats to all ))) Nice photos :) Real eXtreme oVerclockers +)
  2. Impressive FSB on poor UD3! not UD7 or UD9 =) You are really The Overclocker ))
  3. Something NEW and especially Cinebench it is always Good 😃 On my opinion, One run will be enough. Overclocking and stability are two different substances. I've voted for "Add Cinebench R23 and turn off minimum test duration"
  4. Thx, At the time of publication, I naturally did not see this bios, but I continue to be interested in this topic. I still have one question whether it is possible to make 8GB of memory work on this board. Judging by the lines, they are connected, but everything rests against the BIOS, is it possible to fix this?
  5. It's better to do something than do nothing. Alternatively, I can offer active participants to split up and just start cleaning up invalid results, this will reduce the load on the database. Or by the mode of the processors or by the sockets, as the decision will be made. Sometimes I go in, mark the results that were not submitted according to the rules and I watch them disappear, when the work is in progress, it does not stop. Although the rules for the success of the results could be formalized more clearly IMHO.
  6. Validation made via CPU-Z Vintage VERSION 1.02 FOR WINDOWS? I know than modern CPU-Z version have a bug on cpu detection process, it hangs.
  7. on any case I'll stand in line for EVBOT if previous clockers don't take it.
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