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  1. I confess I am surprised by the above. A little shocked The question remains when will they get enough, or what to do before this happens? Also, we are interested in figures on the production output of this processor model, say for a week?
  2. But seriously? What happens and when will it end? But there are still rumors about an allegedly 22-core processor on 2066 socket.
  3. For anyone not a secret is that there is now a shortage of Intel processors of the 10th series from Socket2066. I am interested in the 18-core model 10980XE, but it is nowhere in the US (I plan to purchase in this region). Maybe someone know where to buy ?, although I track information on special sites for availability, but nowhere is there any deadline. Perhaps someone knows those who work or relate to Intel directly and make the situation worse. De jure there was a paper announcement, de facto there was nothing else, and almost 2 months have passed. https://www.gearinstock.com/intel-core-i9-10980xe-processor-pre-order-in-stock-availability-tracker/
  4. My idea is to move away from the abstract and focus on the concrete. Example 1. Any test, but only Athlon FX (55, 57) performed by 939 or Penitum Extreme Edition on socket 478. The same with video cards such as 3Dmark 2006 or Vantage on 8800 Ultra & etc. And the second one, one result from the team, not two or three as it was before, as there are few small teams that are physically unable to find 2 or 3 identical stands.
  5. max1024

    Merry Xmas To All

    And let's overclock next year to 2020 Mhz )) 🎄🎄🎄
  6. Wow 0 marks - Really? And 15.2 Global Team Power Points (GTPP) LOL =)
  7. I wrote an article about this, I think Google will translate into your language https://overclockers.ru/lab/show/100550/retrokloking-poslednyaya-legenda-evga Translate via google to English ;)
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