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  1. Dear Lord, is that the Micron E-Die? That's CRAZY Fast, Mad Respect man!
  2. Hi, So here is the link to latest test OC BIOS and Command Center Lite for the MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18xRoafLw6p5YoNIw3uhbIoY4eqAq8x-A?usp=sharing Content: - TEST/OC BIOS - FPT Tool for flashing - Command Center Lite for finetuning in OS The test BIOS main purpose is optimizing for memory clocking, Please do note that until now I haven't tested these BIOSes yet. So use the file as your own risk! Regards, Alva
  3. Hi, As per G.Skill OCWC 2019 Rule like every year before, all the OC / Beta /Test BIOSes need to be made public. So here's my collection of Test BIOSes: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YS_X48XZZRUVB3qCStNXX4_gu-W3JBP5?usp=sharing At the moment it contained Test BIOS from MSI Z390I EDGE AC, MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon, and a few more, I'll update a few more before the deadline if needed. FPT Flashing tool also included. (Note - update May 14 2019) I don't make separate thread for all individual boards at the moment, still need to test all these boards before departing for competition. After testing I might make a notes for these files if time allow. As these files was originally for my use, I take no responsibililty whatsoever if you decide to try these BIOSes. Try at your own risk Best Regards, Alva
  4. Lucky_n00b

    Computex 2019

    I'm going Arriving May 24th, going back at June 3rd. So looking forward meeting with you guys Edit: As for party, I assume there's Galax Overclocker Night 2019 on May 30th? I haven't been informed for other parties though..
  5. Great! Will go to Computex for office coverage anyway, I'll stop by the stages to see you awesome folks
  6. Thanks! It was made last minute, I bought XI APEX but it died on me on the last day, so i had to switch board to my MSI one. Glad the board responds well with these kinds of experimental setting edit: the board is limited to 1.55v VCore for now, that's why I can't get my CPU to 7Ghz (also the Ring is rather slow and I can't clock it to 6.2++ with this vcore limit). Already asked for BIOS to unlock volts, but it didn't made the BIOS deadline for GSkill OCWC
  7. Hi man, you have use Integrated Graphics (Intel HD Graphics) on your CPU for this stage. Disable/remove it from your systems first and bench again - good luck :)
  8. With decent memory controller and good A2 sticks, it should be possible. On my short test I got DDR4-4666-4700 CL14 geekbench-able (not tested for full out performance just yet, still messing with the subs) Also there's a couple shared voltage rails that might made XOC full pot run a bit challenging (DMI is tied to CPU VccIO, and 'PLL Termination' is coupled with 'CPU Standby voltage'), will try this when I have time
  9. Unrelated to the Z370I Gaming Pro AC Files on this thread, I've found a Test BIOS for Z390I Gaming EDGE released on the same day as my Z370I BIOS, I just put the link here for anyone who wanted to try it. I try to buy the Z390I gaming edge but the unit doesn't managed to get sent so I have NOT tried this file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eC9Jkh3bWUpSdvRD2B3uOi_Pi_7t4prE/ Will make a proper topic/thread when I got the board and get all the tools for it, probably some time after gskill.
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