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  1. yo whats up with the "tesselation load modified" for 3dmark/firestrike?

    Is this just using some driver tesselation mode setting or is there another trick? 😉

  2. Hi Guys, Here's a link to a set of ocer BIOS for the: MSI X570 GODLIKE MSI B550 UNIFY-X MSI B550 UNIFY This one has AGESA - said to 'fix L3 Cache Performance on Vermeer CPU'. I'm planning to test these out in the following month, but at the time of writing I haven't personally tested them yet to see what other overclocking enhancement is on them. Cheers,
  3. I haven't tested PCMark10 for competitive benchmarking. So far, it seems the benchmark doesn't scale linearly to cpu core number like Cinebench/Geekbench though. so it would be interesting to see what kind of config/hardware will scale. (and I'm personally hoping the benchmark is secure enough from massive software tweaking and put more emphasis to hardware/setups)
  4. STRONG! You can get Fire Strike Extreme/Ultra Globals as well with that setup - Keep pushing it! question: -Any power limit mods? (software/hardware?) -What's the temperature on the GPU? Any cold bug / problems?
  5. Assuming performance still scales with added 11% more CU (6900XT has 80CU), it might. But I'm not sure how much we can gain in this 'less' intense load like Fire Strike 1080p, 6900XT would likely be more power-limited too and would not be strange if we only find single-digit percentage gain. It is quite fast in FSU (stock Graphics Score on FSU was around 12500, default driver setting and Tesselation on), it's decent but not yet beating custom 3090 I guess
  6. Yes, it was weird to me too, even with Tess ON, the default score is close to 50K Graphics on the 6800 XT. TS and PR is pretty OK, but not this strong. On raster-based games it was around 3080-level, not 3090. (On DXR games beating 2080 Ti FE by small percentage,but still behind 3080 by a decent margin)
  7. Some notes: - 2650Mhz is the boost setting applied from Performance Tuning panel, not the real clock during load (GPU is power-limited) - Tesselation modified, Not 3DMark Hall of Fame valid (valid score with similar setup around 45K - https://www.3dmark.com/fs/24052851 - It's rather difficult managing the cold bug on the 2-CCD CPU, this one lost the GPU (d6 error) and generally having errors at -100C, changing FCLK to lower doesn't help, not sure exactly what's holding it back -It's been a LONG time since we saw an AMD CPU and GPU on any of the 3DMark, this is refreshing
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