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  1. Congrats to all, glad to be able to participate this time - see you in another competition and keep pushing it
  2. Nice! I'm considering LM earlier but didn't do it because my block is pure copper and LM will stain it - maybe I'd find some nickel-plated blocks and try again with LM. Keep pushing it, cheers
  3. Unfortunately I have tested very small numbers of samples for Hynix DJR (only 3 kits total, this hyperx 4600, V-Color 5066, and a local RAM brand called V-Gen rated at 4600), so can't really be sure if the PCB component making much difference between these 3, all used what looks like 'A2' PCB to me. From my side it's the memory controller on CPU that might be more important, from 3 RKL CPU I have, this particular one managed to boot at DDR4-6200+ on ambient, while the other two won't budge past DDR4-5866 even with the same exact board, RAM, and voltage.
  4. Need clarification : Showing all R23 window + the rendered screen without cpuz/benchmate obstruction mandatory? *If yes then probably need DSR/VSR to 1440p
  5. Not bad? That is GODly for a 50 USD kit - I'd happily pay 150 USD for this kinda stick hahahahah
  6. Thanks! Me too, I was not expecting this micron to be this strong for clocks, (but then again I don't usually bench micron kits in the last 2 years), this is best sticks out of 4, I got big variation between them, maybe because this comes from lower bin model (3600MT/s), but the worst stick still managed to boot 5500+.
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