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  1. Great! Time to do some shopping then, hopefully all arrive in time. Thanks Dad
  2. Whoa 9 places So reading the rules, all Z170,Z270,Z370,Z390 allowed to compete, along with all Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake 6C and Coffee Lake 8C processor(and its IGP) ? no clockspeed limit in all stages Correct?
  3. Lucky_n00b

    G.SKILL Announces OC World Cup 2019 Competition

    -deleted, wrong thread, move to official thread instead
  4. Ah yeah there's that too I've been talking to UL sometime ago about making a CPU Test preset(Including a CPU Stress Test Preset), so it can be run with a single click just like the normal benchmark and be validated. They seem interested about it, and they have 2D/CPU Ranking board already, but not sure if/when they will implement those 'CPU' benchmark presets.
  5. Btw since we're discussing benchmarks, what do you guys think about modern 3DMark CPU/Physics tests? In my notes, Fire Strike physics doesn't show much scaling to DRAM Tweaks, but the Time Spy / Time Spy Extreme Physics scales a lot with memory performance(not just CPU clocks), these tests also showed up quite often of big International OC competitions, the scores also quite consistent and not much run variation like the old 3D11 Physics. IMHO these TS/TSE Physics would be a nice addition to the 2D benchmark we have now. The downsides are Time Spy/Extreme test need an advanced key, some overclockers don't seem like to cash another couple bucks(even though they bought hardwares that costed many times the benchmark).
  6. Definitely a platform where LN2 cost will outweigh the electricity by Far hahahahahah I feel ya mate. Great job btw :D
  7. My particular CPU need 1.5v on IO/SA for these. But the problem is sometimes we need a LOT of retries to just get it to boot, 55 most the time, retry, and do it again . It took me 1 and a half hours just to get this done, wrong strategy on the comp as I haven't get any good 3D scores out.
  8. It was done live on GOC 2018 with random hardware we're given to. I would guess the other Elite guys with better motherboard suited for high-frequencies like XI Gene and better binned Mem + Better IMC we can expect way higher scores soon
  9. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think those 'league' matter much when I'm benching :p It will always be my target to try catching up with those 'Gods', even though sometimes its frustrating not being able to match them no matter how much I tried, but it just means I can get better, little by little (I have been trying to turn my OC hobbies to a job position at some vendor, no success after 10 years but I haven't stopped trying yet lol )
  10. A0 is the same, old one with even spacing for the RAM ICs, A2 was the one known as 'RGB' pcb with used in many TridentZ RGBs as you said.
  11. Hey, I don't really have preference and expertise on how to divide leagues, just wanted to add some more point about the 'Elite / sponsored' status. I do get some samples sometime, so I moved my account to elite because I consider myself slightly more fortunate than others who tried hard with their fully-hard-earned hardwares. (Honestly speaking I personally don't think I deserve the elite status if we were talking about knowledge and skills alone, I'm no top-10-world-ranked bencher material, just an average motherboard and RAM reviewer who got lucky in competitions a lot, and like to know more about things + share if it was useful) How much samples? I got around 1 motherboard per gen, usually for testing before a certain platform's launch date. Most of these motherboard also not always a 'retail pack', because those were prepped for extreme benching, sometime even these were an ES board with a couple workaround here and there so can't really sell it. RAM also around 1 kit per gen/platform (or if there wasn't anything new, then around 2 kits per year). GPU not so much - one or two per 3-4 year maybe, I don't bench 3D much anyway as my main job is CPU/MB/RAM coverage. If the motherboard don't come with CPU then I need to buy retail CPU for it, (if provided it's most likely ES, random quality, sometimes good, sometimes average), and GPU if I need to buy to bench 3D. Most of the time I still buy CPU/MB/RAM on my own though, as most big competitions need to buy retail hardwares for it, and bin CPU if needed (for gskill ocwc this year I binned 8x 8600K) As far as expenses go, these 'free' samples did help (not exactly 'free; though as I need to work providing feedback and workaround, sometimes providing testing documentation if necessary to the MB vendors), but not as much to make profit with it edit: Forgot to vote, I'm OK with 3: 1) Elite/Pro/Sponsored 2) All Others not limited by cooling (as we cannot be completely certain/validate cooling method) 3) Rookie (with time constraint - not sure how long though, should be 6 month or 1 year maybe?)
  12. This is your A0 Sticks, correct? I'm still tuning things for A2 as of now, will probably bench again this weekend.
  13. Weird, not sure why points are back again, I'm pretty sure I remember to disable it