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  1. I'm all for Benchmate enforcement (Maybe pin this on front page so more overclockers see?)
  2. I'd be more than willing to donate to Benchmate projects, compared to giving my money for some company that doesn't care about the community of users which would buy and use their benchmark software - OK with ditching it.
  3. Agree on @Rauf about benchmate being used to new hw points and globals. Aside from the Benchmate competition to test things, what if hwbot start by giving points with benchmark that are completely new, that MUST be benched and submitted with Benchmate? This will test the integration and speed up things generally. (If I have to select new benchmark, I'm suggesting Cinebench R20 for BOTH ST and MT as starters, it's easy to run, and the ST part will give more single-threaded CPU benchmark in HWBOT database, so far only SuperPi 32M and GB4 SC there. ,The minus side being there's already Cinebench R15 already getting points for the Multi-core part)
  4. Please do tell us how we can contribute. I'd be happy to sell my CPU and MB to donate.
  5. I can hold on to this system for another 2 days, what should I check? (btw BCLK clocking on this platform looks broken, 101Mhz and I sometimes can't enter OS hahah)
  6. Can confirm the disabled points didn't work, I try to edit 3 times with tickbox still the same, it showed 'no points' in the submission but when cheking rankings globally it's shown still given points.
  7. I did try it but not sure how to submit the files, there's one image files and two other like this CINEBENCH_R15_4044.hwbot CINEBENCH_R15_4044.json
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