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  1. kicsipapucs

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    Very nice review Michael! I miss system pictures tho, with rams lighting up and stuff. RGB+tight timings, high speed b-die is something I've been dreaming about for a long time now.
  2. kicsipapucs

    Could probably add Vantage High and Extreme to benchmark list?

    Funny, I didn't even realise cpu weighting until tonight. But now I know what you meant, nice! Also, I put up Extreme Preset as a beta benchmark, feel free to bench it and join me and Lawrence on the list. No points for now, but still some fun maybe.
  3. kicsipapucs

    [FS-US] Maximus VIII Hero, EVGA 1000 G2, DDR3

    I already own an mocf and a gene too, but impact, socf ln2, apex are still welcome in my bench collection.
  4. kicsipapucs

    [FS-US] Maximus VIII Hero, EVGA 1000 G2, DDR3

    Loving the Impact man! There's a shop local to me selling new ones for 135, I am super hesitant whether or not buy one. Good luck with sale!
  5. kicsipapucs

    Could probably add Vantage High and Extreme to benchmark list?

    Any news about this from officials?
  6. I have several installs where all benches work fine except for vantage, where it corrupted itself at one point never to work again. Will try on a couple and then report back to you, ou gave me hope!
  7. Good news! Unless I can get hold of a Dark Z390, I'll keep my mocf around for another year.
  8. Hey guys! I bought a Maximus VIII Gene not long ago. It has a very-very strange issue! BCLK set in bios vs actual in win and any other OS has a 1.25x divider! Leaving it auto, or setting it 100 results in a BCLK of 80 in windows, for 100BCLK I need to set 125BCLK in bios. Tried both a skylake i3 and a kaby i7, 0018 and latest bios, both update from within bios and USB flashback. Anybody has any idea if this an IC freaking out, or some MEI bug, or a faulty mobo sample? I am sure it is the bios listing it wrong, because I set 125BCLK for a kaby bios (no skylake BCLK OC beyond Intel limited 102.9) and my i3-6320 booted fine and showed 100.0 in Windows. Thanks in advance, David
  9. 3900C12-11 is very respectable for a non xoc-oriented mobo! Your sys pic for the i3 R15 score just made me fall in love. Non-asus, non-tridentz, non-binned non-i7 in a sexy board with good cooling and a gpu only block, epic! Saved the picture to my pc beauties folder.
  10. kicsipapucs

    (SOLD) Golden ES Samsung DDR3

    Also samsung is a lot less stress on the IMC, I have seen multiple Haswell chips fail 2666C8 PSC no matter what and run 2800+C9 Samsungs. Apart from Haswell, on Ivy one could give them a go too! Actually I'll just throw a pair of sammies next to a 3770k and see how far I get! The mems David is selling could be great fun to somebody, put a set of nice heatspreaders on them, let them be Galax ones maybe, imagine the ddr3 Galaxy chrome fancyness, or EK water/ln2 heatspreaders, make them look good, throw them into a good board (Giga Z97 LN2 for extra rarity) with a golden CPU and have epic good times.
  11. How high did you get it up to with mems? 3600C12 tight? 3733 maybe?
  12. kicsipapucs

    (SOLD) Golden ES Samsung DDR3

    Wow, good luck with sale for the gem Sammies, David!