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  1. Dude, win7 and a proper ram setup would give ya 2k+ boost on cpu score!
  2. Very nice cpu, rip. Strange mobo choice on the other hand. With an SOC Force or OCF you would've gotten even better results.
  3. Dude, this could be a top3 cpu with good ram and maybe more volts (if it scales).
  4. I dunno mate, it was 4 years ago, but you know what? I'm gonna check it for ya sometimes.
  5. kicsipapucs

    Gskill 4800C18

    holy moly, 4700C17 1T?! 😮
  6. What results did you get with 2Gbit CFR?
  7. Hey Michael! Nice detailed review, I like it. What SA and IO voltages did you typically use for the daily stable and then for the xoc settings on your particular CPU sample? TIA.
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