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  1. BTW, what is the go-to bios version for apex now? Best overall one.
  2. What clock cpu was it? 6.7-6.8?
  3. Very nice, you beat me a lot! You forgot uploading the valid link. What was your gpu boost freq?
  4. I wouldn't say "ez", but with some preparation, more ln2 confidence, less condensation, etc, all the variables coming together nicely I could do top 5. Thanks for the nice words!
  5. Tell me about it...
  6. Not all benchmarks got run, and only R15 and Geek3 were efficient runs, the others were kinda like placeholders only, could tweak those a lot better. Maybe next time. No dice, I have never done dice in my life.
  7. Thanks for the nice comment again Mutt! CPU was very unflat, some said it's typical for X99, even worse than X299 chips. 5820k is soldered (the breaks the die when you delid kinda solder), so I only lapped it. And the pot too, it was a Kingpin F1 Dark, the base was very concave. And yes, I had the most fun benching in a long time. Fun>grinding for globals.
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