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  1. kicsipapucs

    [FS][EU] Z87/Z97 OCF only compatible 4770k

    Up! 100 euros shipped within EU.
  2. kicsipapucs

    [FS][EU] Z87/Z97 OCF only compatible 4770k

    Up! 100eur+ship
  3. kicsipapucs

    [FS][EU] Z87/Z97 OCF only compatible 4770k

    Thanks for the inputs guys! Push!
  4. Hi all! Testing waters with a couple hw I have absolutely no use for. First up: 1x 4770k L310B491, eBay Germany scam I "luckily" bought myself, came doa (stuck at 78 post code in several different boards), had to fight for months before getting some of my money back. Almost half a year later accidentally found out it lives on Z97 OCF with a special bios that boots 1c2t even after battery removal, or cmos clr/set defults (I supply the bios file to the possible new owner). After some testing 3c6t works fine, pci-e working fine, IMC is crazy outstanding (at least to me, best I've had), does PSC 2736MHz waza tight with sub stock VCCSA, 2780-2800C8 R15 at stockish SA with some tinkering and good mems. 2666C8 tight, SA 50mV undervolted (0.790V HWiNFO) in Z97 OCF and also indication of a good IMC is that my mems do spi at lower volts than with most of my cpus, so instead of my usual 1.84V they pass 1.83V 2666. Could be a good daily cpu at 4.5GHz 3c6t, or a low clock challenge 2c2t spi machine on phase, maybe a ram tester for anybody wanting something good for that only. CPU has been delidded by eBay scammero and glued back (ugly job) with LM, I didn't re-delid it, no idea what's under the IHS, Conducto or CLU. FYI performance like this is almost always on par or a bit better than clock to clock with an i5-4670/90k in multithreaded applications like R15 or Geek3, etc. 110 euros+shipping EU only. paypal and buyer covers fees. ofc no warranty or returns apart from DOA which is unlikely, but still. Other parts will come up as I progress in testing them for selling. Edit: as Jason stated, there is a Z87 OCF bios too for these kinds of chips, I can provide that one too. Now the cpu works in twice as much of boards.
  5. Hi everybody! I heard that almost ALL 8086k are very good clockers, even random ones have a high chance being 5400+ on ambient. So, question is, what was the worst that anybody found during their binnings? TIA.
  6. Anybody knows what the method was? Pic is missing from elmor's post. @elmor
  7. RTLs are a bit odd and you could work a bit on your efficiency, but otherwise nice job of taking a very low spec kit to 4k c12-11.
  8. kicsipapucs

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    Very nice review Michael! I miss system pictures tho, with rams lighting up and stuff. RGB+tight timings, high speed b-die is something I've been dreaming about for a long time now.
  9. kicsipapucs

    Could probably add Vantage High and Extreme to benchmark list?

    Funny, I didn't even realise cpu weighting until tonight. But now I know what you meant, nice! Also, I put up Extreme Preset as a beta benchmark, feel free to bench it and join me and Lawrence on the list. No points for now, but still some fun maybe.
  10. kicsipapucs

    [FS-US] Maximus VIII Hero, EVGA 1000 G2, DDR3

    I already own an mocf and a gene too, but impact, socf ln2, apex are still welcome in my bench collection.
  11. kicsipapucs

    [FS-US] Maximus VIII Hero, EVGA 1000 G2, DDR3

    Loving the Impact man! There's a shop local to me selling new ones for 135, I am super hesitant whether or not buy one. Good luck with sale!
  12. kicsipapucs

    Could probably add Vantage High and Extreme to benchmark list?

    Any news about this from officials?
  13. I have several installs where all benches work fine except for vantage, where it corrupted itself at one point never to work again. Will try on a couple and then report back to you, ou gave me hope!