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  1. Not bad actually, second really close, first also doable next session! CPU score is down for some reason.
  2. This is a lovely score Alva! Lovely board and good seeing something non-bdie.
  3. I really like the fact that you took the time to ln2 a CPU model that is this unpopular on hwbot.
  4. I purchased a Rampage IV Black Edition, in YouTube reviews I have seen that its bios can go up to 2.400V vdimm. I am not sure if it has the same behavior as regular R4E (as in not applying volts above 1.920V), hopefully not. Should come within a week and then I'll aim for 2700C8-11-12-13-1T?
  5. Okay, so there is some progress. With Rampage IV Extreme you can set a maximum of 2.100V of vdimm in bios, but the board doesn't increase vdimm above 1.925V no matter what. 1.920V set vdimm is the highest it reacts to, anything above that give the same output (with LN2 Mode and Extreme OV both enabled too). I managed to validate 2398MHz with single to quad channel, every channel individually. Looser timings didn't help, more or less IMC volts either spent many hours without luck, same exact spot always insta freezes no matter what. Temp or platform limit I guess, still got overall Sandy freq valid #1: I also tried Geek3 and I got 2666C9-12-13-20-1T tight subs to pass in quad channel, got me a lovely 8922 multi mem score 2c2t, highest I have seen with Sandy(-E). Full core 5G run: AIDA gave me this: 80GB+ AIDA write is possible and so it 9k+ geek mem, but I need to either vmod the board or a Rampage IV Black Edition (that can set up to 2.400V vdimm in bios, hopefully not capped at same 1.925V real as regular R4E) for more volts and/or cold CPU for maxing the IMC if it scales.
  6. I thought I'd give full dimm X79 quad channel a go with Sandy-E, but so far not so good, 2400 loose doesn't want to train with 8 dimms at all with latest bios, 4 dimms work very well on the other hand (almost managed to get 2666 full tight to pass geek3)
  7. Very significant jump in clock! Confirms my theory of the importance of the underside caps.
  8. Yes, lovely chip. However, keep in mine dude, this was done with the rad placed in the open window, with 5-8c outside temp. Max load temp after an R15 run was 56C. My daily settings are 5.1@1.35V LLC5 set vcore in Apex XI.
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