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  1. Assuming a 121k CPU score with an ln2 6.7GHzish 10900k, he'd need 106070 GPU score to match this score above with a total score of X106727 with a GPU score of 105722. Would a 6.7 or more Intel be a big gain in GT1-2?
  2. Has anyone ever tried G-die on X79 in quad chan?
  3. Really love the platform and the cpu! Can your cpu not run any higher in 3c3t mode?
  4. I'd give Vantage Extreme HWP. It's our typical babe chick Jane Nash with higher res and details, higher GPU load, a bit less CPU bound. People could learn tweaking that too (different tweaks than normal preset apply for it). Would keep regular Vantage, 03 too. 05's been 2D for years, same as AM3. And please, please organize them properly instead of this random mess that is there now.
  5. I have 3x2GB non-working 2000C7 DomGTs if you're interested.
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