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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BvruGhGEHNlD0KmKmr2fgeFr2Q_-pheJ/view?usp=sharing here is link from Gdrive
  2. Asus silent with Epower :D well done! Maybe wire is too long for e power?
  3. Aaaand war is started. Amazing cip. Will what can do your reject's :(
  4. With drilled threads in venom he can hold 10900k and 11900k on they maximum or in worst scenario 5-10% from they maximum clock in september when I buy reaktor 3.0 TR I can tell exactly. David do many good things for OC community.
  5. DD is too risky need to do all test with normal IHS and after that can try DD maybe to try DD with other cip. Nice job. What batch of CPU?
  6. use HWBOT AB and you have all ranges like with extreme
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