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  1. d0minat0r

    [FS][EU]2152MHz@h2o MSI 1080Ti Lightning - 700€

    I am interested for a Classified GTX 580
  2. d0minat0r

    Gigabyte GA-X58A-OC

    wytiwx strikes again!
  3. d0minat0r

    Notable retired overclockers

    I really love OC history
  4. d0minat0r

    Notable retired overclockers

    CAnt wait to see this!
  5. Probably not check later. I am totally idiot
  6. HI folks, I have problem with my 8700k. Month ago I bench 8700k on Ln2 and everything fished good. This time I use Kingpin cooling inferno. Yesterday start this system on water on CPU temperature is too high about 60c in idle and 85c in load GB3 with 1.25V and 5Ghz on watercooling. Several times i change paste under IHS. Looks like only bug in thermal probe in CPU because IMC work good with memory IMC on that temperature work with memory 2200 12 11 11 Gb3. Any experience similar issue? Bug or CPU go on way without back
  7. d0minat0r

    9900k's ln2 binned 2 left

    No One buy CPU without SS