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  1. Thank you so much for this Roman , i wish i saw this earlier .. I love HWbot and have nowhere else to upload benchmark scores to such extent ..
  2. Issues with Windows 10 Drivers , i have spliced them into the driver Cab for windows 10 , also LODADJ string created and set to 2 . If this sub is an issue i will take it down .
  3. Im trying to submit using socket 947 with a I7 4700MQ ( Laptop ) but it refuses .. Im guessing this socket is also not allowed ?
  4. You used the wrong score :( ... Sorry bro you used GPU score instead of overall score .
  5. No problem .. i re ran most of mine a few times due to a wonky physX score ... as i have said before .. if the building falls and doesn't seem to hit the ground .. restart ..
  6. 3 Days left and i have nothing els i can do .. arg .. should have kept backups ...
  7. Heya dude , re run the test a few times to fix your physX score .. good luck
  8. If you see the building falling and its not hitting the ground quick ... restart the test ( it helps spending the few bucks to get the advanced version so that you can run the physX test separate and see how the score fluxes ) .. Happy benching
  9. For all of you taking part in the amd section of the benchmark .. amd CPUs for some bloody reason have a massive flux score in the physX score ... and i mean like a 200 point difference .. with same clocks ... so just run the test a few times before you think you have your best score .. ( also clock in msi after burner then close it helps )
  10. Odd , i cant find that the x87 fix helping , but i did notice that the physX test does what it wants on amd .. i need to rerun the test a few times to get a good physX score .. as soon as the building dropped the score sky rockets ... but sometimes the building takes longer to fall than other on the same settings .. arg ...
  11. Good show !! your 1 Titan almost ripped my 2x 7970s a new hole ! good work mate did the cpu really top out @ 5.3 on Single stage ? .. thats a bummer i can get that on water .. check the Digi settings in the bios mate ...
  12. Drats , need to re run the test .. the physX test bombed out .. terrible physX score ! arg
  13. Nice one dude , haven't seen you bench in ages !! enjoy
  14. Also to note , tripple channel on the 1366 setup cripples the web page and transparent scores quite abit .. running setLod higher than 17 results in a loss aswell , power toy must be checked that all 4 threads are ticked els there is another loss ..
  15. Nope , all added GPUs in laptops now days are all on there own PCIe interface .
  16. Oke i got the worst score ever !! HMMM , need to swap bench drive with ssd , bench was done on standard lappy drive .... will re run
  17. Nice run mate i thought my chip was a voltage HOG ,, but 1.7V that's insane ! for the same frequency i got at 1.54V
  18. Well i lost 200 points during a increase in HT and NB ( from 2147HT and 2362NB To synced 2600NB and 2600HT ) .. with 150 mhz extra on the cpu .. still your physX score could be better IMO .. even thou your scores are much higher than mine .. Ill play around abit more , my physX score is 722 atm .. with higher clocks and NB/HT i got 690 ... the physX score fluxes a shit load ... Anyways will let you know mate , HAPPY BENCHING !!
  19. Well 25k is not too bad @ Delly .. all yours scores are well above mine even in overall ranking your kicking my ass !! will catch up soon !! And WD on finding a solution mate .. happy benching
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