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  1. Will be interesting to see scores with T-rex!
  2. What if we used the already existing competition points for the seasonal ranking? those already expire and you are not competing against old scores, for me at least the competitions has been one of the main thing keeping me interested and forcing me to get into new hardware. For this to be possible we would however need to focus even more on making good competitions covering a broad range of hardware to keep every one happy
  3. I ran same setup with 970 6-7-5 memory on SS, will get another mobo if I decide to bench that chip again.
  4. Yeah I tried a lot of things and I took a long time to figure out, but custom bios worked. I tried at least 3 different ones from Asrock site but all of them had the same problem.
  5. Need, help mobo is stuck on lowest multi for some reason...