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  1. I ran same setup with 970 6-7-5 memory on SS, will get another mobo if I decide to bench that chip again.
  2. Yes will fix when i get home, https://www.3dmark.com/3dmv/5721357
  3. Yeah I tried a lot of things and I took a long time to figure out, but custom bios worked. I tried at least 3 different ones from Asrock site but all of them had the same problem.
  4. Need, help mobo is stuck on lowest multi for some reason...
  5. Yes only down side is memory which it has a lots of problems with. This is also the single channel version.
  6. Was experiencing same issue, so my score was on highest I could get while cpuz reported right multi. Only workaround I could find was booting higher bclk on my Asus board.
  7. Yeah I was really surprised that a 4 dimmer works this good, can do around 3900 12-11-11 1t if you set it in OS
  8. Jokot

    [FS] Last Rotary Single Stage Cooler

    Very strong SS for good price!
  9. Jokot

    FS: x299 board, 980ti, and cpu

    Damn would take that 980ti right away if it was in EU