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  1. Raptor now 250+shipping. Last price
  2. Wow that's something amazing you achieved there! Congrats bro!
  3. RTX 3080TI sold to Sporrdig! Raptor 4 now 280 + Shipping
  4. Alright you have PN
  5. I'm up for offers!
  6. REAKTOR \G ( my take on a GPU LN2 Pot ) is added to start a new gpu cooling era
  7. Hi guys, testing of my pot is completed and thus my Galax 3080TI can go. I am also saying goodbye to my Raptor 4 since a new gpu cooling era has started now The 3080TI comes with the stock cooler and is currently insulated with liquid rubber. I can remove it if requested. The card does 2805MHz with the Raptor4 and 2820 with my Reaktor \G The Raptor 4 comes with all accessories and is insulated as you can see. The Items are located in germany and worldwide shipping is no problem! Price: RTX 3080TI SOLD Raptor 4 =>300 euros + shipping
  8. In my opinion thats the best and only correct solution. The old categories will still remain but most likely get more irrelevant over the years as the new cpus are X+Y and this category gets filled more and more.
  9. Maybe it also needs to be mentiond that quad threading cpus will become a thing in the future. So 1 core with 4 threads also needs to be handelt by the system.
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