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  1. @Cosmicshroom He's a trustful seller you can buy from him😉
  2. Awesome mate! look like those ryzen apus rule the game now with their crazy IMCs
  3. Awesome! My 10980Xe didn't even do 5.860 in R15 and you took it thorugh R20.
  4. Nearly 6000Mhz ram at 1T is the most impressive ram frequency result I've seen so far. Awesone job man!
  5. No problem mate! Always again! Can't wait for or your feedback guys!
  6. BACK IN STOCK and ready for shipping!
  7. 16 GB. I think there are no 380014 32GB
  8. For sale are my watercooled NEOs. They do 4800 C14 14 at 2.04v and 4800 14 13 at 2.06v with the shown timings below: Looking for 200 euros +Shipping and Paypal fees. VTT 1.000v
  9. Sold to kikoone31 can be closed now!
  10. With AIO the imc does 4800 14 14 at Io1.33v Sa 1.48. I could boot 4933 14 but never tried whats possible. I can check for you later!
  11. Im selling my good I9-10900k The CPU does 6.85 GHz Core and 6.45 GHz Cache at 1.72Vcore set. Scales in GPUPi higher. The Cpu is lapped and perfectly flat. PRICE: 600 Euros + shipping costs. Buyer has to cover Paypal fees. Used for those submissions: https://hwbot.org/submission/4495512_ https://hwbot.org/submission/4495036_ CPU is currently under an AIO. If the picture is not enough I will remove the aio and make a Pic which shows the Cpu.
  12. REAKTOR is currently sold out. You can preorder any time! It won't take long until they are back in stock!
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