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  1. I fear you might be correct. But surely I'm not alone in my reluctance to run 32m 200 times to know for sure if one secondary timing is faster... Confidence in results would be better if I could reduce variance. And I had much better variance until I tightened to cas 5. Previously at cas 6 I was down to about .2 or less variance between the best half of 12 runs. Cas 5 brought better best runs, and worse worst runs. I hope that I can get the variance down again by going back over seconds/terts. One of the important terts was skewing tRDRD_dr/_dd to 5/6. tWR 9 was also very important.
  2. Thanks for making an account to reply! I'm not sure I understand correctly yet tho. Why do we have to wait tCAS clocks to start the burst if the memory is already in the buffer 4 clocks after the read command was processed? And why does this motherboard allow me to set tRTP to 3? Setting it to 3 isn't a meaningless change, it changes performance, and it shows up in the gigabyte software that shows memory timings in OS. Is it setting tRTP to 3 only in cases where the burst has been chopped to 4 bits? Do you happen to work in the field?
  3. Context is Z97, giga SOC Force motherboard. Micron D9KPT memories. If I understand correctly, a value for tRTP of less than (tCAS+tBurst) - tRP should be meaningless, right? Since the page can't be closed until it's finished with tBurst, even if it's finished precharging. In my example case, I have tCAS 5 tRP 5 tRTP 3 and 4 tBurst is always 4 (Since a 4 bit burst still takes 4 clock cycles) Some SuperPi and AIDA64 results: (666mhz memory is why it's 7 minutes ~46 seconds) tRTP 3 1 465.828 2 466.015 3 466.110 best half avg 466.091 4 466.140 best half range 0.422 5 466.203 best half stdev 0.152 6 466.250 read write copy 7 466.343 20849 22328 19590 8 466.344 20841 22336 19433 9 466.344 20837 22328 19413 10 466.375 20856 22324 19425 11 466.453 20875 22335 19435 12 467.891 NEIR 17 20852 22330 19459 average tRTP 4 1 465.594 2 465.797 3 465.890 best half avg. 465.966 4 466.141 best half range 0.625 5 466.156 best half stdev 0.246 6 466.219 7 466.265 20785 22343 19428 8 466.328 NEIR 19, 14, NCIS 7 20822 22316 19452 9 466.453 20838 22310 19431 10 466.484 20851 22331 19452 11 466.860 20789 22336 19442 12 467.015 NEIR 3 20817 22327 19441 average In 32m, tRTP 4 is generally better, although less stable (4 fails vs 1 fail for tRTP 3). In AIDA tRTP 3 has unambiguosly better read performance, and by extension, a little better copy. I don't know why tighter tRTP is slower in 32m I don't know why tighter tRTP is more stable in 32m I don't know why tighter tRTP has better performance in AIDA Tighter tRTP shouldn't matter at all because page closure is waiting on data transfer (tBurst), not tRP, right? Is this just random error throwing me for a loop? Do you think increasing sample size will make this inconsistency go away?
  4. How about this one? SODIMM is such a weird format, never could get used to it.
  5. Thoughts on these? Maybe Samsung 2 Gb Rev. D? Shame they're single sided >.> I found another OCZ kit with the same specs, but that listing didn't have photos of the reverse side, so I don't know if they're also single sided.
  6. haha yes, they might scale into being as good as the worst set of PSC on a hot summer day, with peanut butter on some of the gold contacts
  7. Oh, I guess that should have been obvious
  8. These are CFR? For whatever reason I never really got interested in CFR. Or single sided MFR.
  9. What are your thoughts on the PCBs? Is 8155/8117 a good sign or does it not mean anything? It seems like this issue never really was decided fully. Not great. Haven't gotten it stable 1000 9-9-8 yet, but I feel like I just don't have the right IOA/IOD combo yet. All timings scale with vDIMM, but scaling ends at 1.82v. Not exact loop 10-20 @ 1.81v, passes 32m at 1.82v, fails initial at 1.83v. And the vDIMM scaling is the same regardless of the IMC volts. Also tWCL 6 doesn't even work at 666mhz. Easy to see why this IC received no attention. I will still freeze them tho, if nothing else because I doubt anyone else has.
  10. Has anyone other than kingpin binned individual ICs and assembled them? IIRC I saw that set for sale on here awhile ago.
  11. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "Collector" since it implies not using what you collect. I do use them. I'm working on dialing in a set of D9KPT right now, some patriot 1333 6-6-6 rated sector 5s. Useless unless you just want to see what D9KPT can do. The whole "Collector vs user" tension is present in many areas, and in all of them I'm on the user's side. In my case that includes 60s/70s SLRs (film cameras), 19th century woodworking tools, and classic cars. That said, you do with your money as you wish. EDIT: Also, shouldn't the vaporware bins be called vaporbins? sorry, I had to.
  12. Never heard of that one... I thought the 2400c8 pis were the best for g.skill Any interest in samsung 1gb rev D? Like the patriot 2000 9-9-9 2v kits. Of all that, I think I envy your GTX8 the most Very rare. That and the nice BBSE. Speaking of D9GT, I recently bought a lot of 25 2gb dimms from ebay for a bit under $150 shipped. One bad pic, and advertised as all 1866mhz+. It had a 2x2 kit of OCZ Reaper 1800 8-8-8 1.9v among other things. That should be D9GT. I've also got some mushkin blackline 1600 7-7-6, and 4 dimms on single sided OCZ 2000 9-9-9, which I pulled the spreaders to confirm that it is D9GTR. The rest of the kit was 5 dimms of 2000c8 hypers (4 kingston, 1 Dom GT), 3 kingston 2000c9 (BDBG probably, no stripes), 5 dimms of 2000c8 dom GT PSC, 6 dimms of ripsjaws 2000c9 PSC, 2 dimms of the patriot green heatspreaders 2000 9-9-9 2.0v, and one each of ripjawsX 2133 9-11-9 PSC, and patriot viper extreme 1866 9-11-9, unknown IC. Pretty lucky lot buy IMO My wishlist includes too much, but probably tops is some nice flares and perfect storm. That and the aforementioned cellshock 2000 9-8-7 kit.
  13. Damn that's nice! I would 100% put it to use.
  14. Hah, the mystery has been solved 😄. Indeed I did I also found a 6 dimm set of team xtreem 1866 9-9-9 which turned out to be XDW. I haven't had that particular code yet. And a lot of 25x 2gb sticks rated 1866+, the pics were lousy, but it sure seemed like there were perfect storm heatspreaders hiding in the back. Please feel free to elaborate on the X/T/R deal, I'm all ears.
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