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  1. Looking for some motherboards, mostly 1155/1156/1366. Not really looking for the top end boards, something like UD3 level is fine. Reason being price of course. I also would like a single stick of hypers, preferably 2000c8 dominators.
  2. Used, perfect condition, comes with all retail packaging. $105+shipping, which will probably be $8-15 for US48. That's $15 less than the ebay listing because I love hwbot sold
  3. The code provided at the futuremark site gives me the advanced edition, which doesn't display the score, I believe I need the professional version for that. Anyone have a code for professional? 32 bit if it matters.
  4. I'm sure they must be out there but I couldn't think up the right search terms atm. Does anyone know where I could find one? I'm not sure exactly how much work/$ it would be and I'd like to find out if it's something I can handle. And what are your thoughts on a DICE/ethanol ice box? I.e. a drink cooler with a few gallons of denatured alcohol and DICE, and you pump that through your water block. And because it might worry some people - I have no intention of trying to bend rules or cheat cooling/league rules. I already do DICE cooling and have a couple pots/all the stuff. Or should I just forget about single stage/water chillers and buy a dewar?
  5. Haha yes, but I'm somewhat unusual and I just want to map out how all the timings affect performance. I like to do things methodically and exhaustively. Any suggestions on a better p67/z68 board? One with a full featured bios like the bios on my giga z97 soc-f or asrock z97 oc-f. And is z77 ok for efficiency with sandy? Thanks for your help
  6. Yes, by 4x faster I meant I could essentially get through a statistically meaningful number of 32m runs 4x as fast, or that's the hope anyway. Of course the times won't be good but they should be useful for comparing the effect of timing changes 666 and 800 straps, Making some graphs to see how performance varies with tRAS. I'll go higher just started at the bottom.
  7. Do you need win7 for geekbench? I tried HyperPi, thought it would be great to be able to test 32m 4 times as fast But it seems unstable. Out of round at stock clocks for CPU and memory. And I had done 32m. Worth mentioning the CPU is a 2500k that I just got and haven't tested at all so there's an outside chance it might have problems. tried 1.2 vcore and up to 1.9 vdimm, 1.15 vccio. Not much else to adjust. The board is an EVGA z77 stinger that I bought locally as an impulse purchase because it was cute, but the bios is atrocious, doesn't have XMP or PLL overvoltage, and not all the memory timings are there, and some of them have too high minimum values. All that said, it's probably user error, I'll try more tomorrow.
  8. I'm trying to learn memory OC, and I'm using maxxmem to test the effect of different timings, but I'd like to corroborate my results with a "Real world" benchmark, and 32m takes forever to run. What are some other 2d benches that are highly sensitive to memory? Preferably with consistent results so I don't have to run it 20 times to get through the variance. I've heard geekbench is good?
  9. 780 ti lightning? Thats a rare one
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