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  1. No, it really wasn't. I'm out of ideas so I suppose I'll put it back on the shelf. Throwing things away is hard for me I have looked over that thread you linked several times and tried everything including a few CPUs. When I try booting with no mems I get the same codes, so the memory fault is happening before communication with the memory, lending credence to the idea that the socket might be damaged below the pins. There were bent pins, but I fixed them, and they're making contact. The pic of blown up SMDs in that thread is on the back of the board in the general area of the memory, but min
  2. https://www.evga.com/support/manuals/files/132-BL-E758.pdf The manual doesn't even have those codes, but in various forums people are saying they're memory related. Incidentally the only pin that I'm somewhat unsure about isn't a memory pin, it's one of a large number of similar core power pins.
  3. I know no one has time for this (I don't even have time for this), but if someone has any idea, I'd be grateful! I acquired a "for parts" 132-BL-E758, one of the first batch of 1366 boards, basically for free, allegedly with bent pins. I found a few mildly bent pins, straightened them out, and can't for the life of me get it to post. Googling shows me that lots of people had issues with these boards, and in my experience EVGA boards are finicky at best. Any ideas? I'm getting FF-F3-F6-62 loop, and a thorough visual inspection reveals nothing has popped.
  4. Definitely more sad to see you go than I am excited to see such hardware available. And I was even looking for some of that.
  5. Wanted! Dead or Alive Does anyone have any of these sitting around? 7800 GTX 512mb (Ideally with waterblocks if you have them) 8800 GTX 768mb (Ideally with waterblocks if you have them) Titan X maxwell w/waterblock or just waterblock Pentium 4 EE 3.73Ghz Pentium D EE 840 Pentium D EE 965 C2D X6800 C2Q QX6700 2 or more 8gb sticks of MFR 2666c11+ e5-1680 v2 (Ivy-EP) Lastly, any golden haswell CPU that you are content with selling for a less than golden price.
  6. 5ghz cache seems stable, but gives no discernible benefit over 4.8ghz. But it might be a good idea to just go to 4ghz to take it out of the question. I'll try other voltage settings later, maybe this evening. The reason I was doing min stable IOD is that I found that less IOD = higher max vDIMM, although that was with BBBG. I've left no timings to training, RTL/IOL are at 40-41-4-4, and terts are 6-6-6-18-5-5-5-6-6-15-15-15-13-2-2 IIRC. Fast boot is still off however. These terts are from my ultra loose binning profile and they're 100% stable, since they've been set that way while ru
  7. So I'm very new to memory OC, and I've been trying to get some PSC to work for me. I've made 100+ 32m runs with this pair of sticks over a couple of weeks on air, testing the effect of each timing I tweak and OS tweaks. I have tried up to 2.05v once to see how high vDIMM they will take, but all the rest has been 1.92 or a little lower, min for stability. Vcore 1.31 / 50x Vcache 1.42 / 50x Vin 1.72 VSA .05 VIOA +.16 VIOD -.08 I have 10 sticks of PSC, the lowest volts for the binning profile was 1.83 for 2 of a triple kit of 2000c9 ripjaws, those are what I'm
  8. Has anyone else experienced this? 100% stable with waza, I can run 32m 10 times no problems, but if I disable HT I bsod randomly, sometimes freeze in the middle of a run or in bios. But when 32m can complete sometimes, and when it does the times are good. I only completed once but it was ~0.6 seconds faster than with HT.
  9. ahhhhhh yes an RMA. @TaPaKaH I was mostly referring to the DDR2 in 2013 thing. The label says 2013, the SN week number checks out, but it's the old red heatsink sticker and it's DDR2... My weak mind is easily bewildered.
  10. Surely my eyes deceive me... this is fake, right?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/4GB-2x2GB-PC2-8500-DDR2-1066-G-SKILL-BLACK-PI-Ram-Memory-Kit-F2-8500CL5D-4GBPI-B/233647730876?epid=133721088&hash=item36667d70bc:g:VPgAAOSw1NhfC4JX
  11. For whatever reason I always picture you as looking like your avatar. Probably not the case but that's what my mind does There's still the low clock challenge idea
  12. First I'll state that I'm sure this has been beaten to death suggested before, so I'm not actually suggesting it, but rather I'm curious what the reasons for it's not being implemented yet are. Why are memory benchmarks so limited? Memory OC is at least as complicated as CPU OC, and yet we've only got the option to submit memory frequency and read bandwidth? And the categorization of memory is limited DDR/DDR2/DDR3/DDR4. Memory benchmarks could be split up by IC, and potentially also by chipset or CPU socket. I mean then we'd be able to get a hardware gold for nanya memory in 1156, w
  13. I had no idea it was that old... I thought briefly of the SR-2, and then dismissed it because I then remembered that the SR-2 came out rather late in the game for 1366. I have already put hours into picking all the components and making sure they would work together. This all started since I finally aquired a good condition Trinitron, and am considering building a retro computer around it. Problem is I want it to be able to play Crysis, and I think 2008 is about as old as you can go and still get 40+ fps in Crysis at 1600x1200. 2008 is also a magic year because it's when Int
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