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  1. I have been considering a chip identification guide as most of my ES chips are blank. No way to read the QR code or cross reference the code given back. But there are visible differences in socket 775 chips over the generations to tell what core it is for example.
  2. QS chips are binned 00000 chips can drop cores and no one can tell skew @ TDP I dont chase points or I would have put more obscure stuff up in categories.
  3. The ebay saller is a troll using 3175X to catch seaches, that is an early ES XEON 8170 I also believe that ebay seller is showing CPUID from two different chips, a 205W 8180 with cores disabled (overclocked) and a 165W 8170 Cisco Intel Xeon 8170 Hexacosa-core (26 Core) 2.10 GHz Processor Upgrade - Socket 3647 - 26 MB - 35.75 MB Cache - 64-bit Processing - 3.70 GHz Overclocking Speed - 14 nm - 165 W - 192.2°F (89°C) UCS-CPU-8170 (compsource.com)
  4. There is a difference between XEON-W 8180 ES and 3175X, all 8180 ES are labeled as 3175X in this database. There is different ES revisions. Reviewers are sent QS and retails, QS is labeled as ES but will usually have a complete CPUID and marked (ES). Normally reviewers will see QS chips. The difference is the max TDP, 3175X is 255W and the regular XEON is 205W I can disable any cores. I can also run in Penta or Quad channel. My chip is a retail 3175X
  5. If people cannot handle the bench duration you shouldn't play. You are chopping off everything PCM10 is good for and it should be weighing the GPU, memory, and SSD in the score and not just the CPU.
  6. Thanks, I will show the new raid soon. Waiting on confirmation on performance numbers are incorrect. The driver relies heavily on caching by default. 500GB/s 4K randoms...
  7. PCMark10 scales with Mhz MSDT PCMark10 Extended scales with cores + Mhz HEDT (consider keeping) a 5950X passed me last night and I will take it back with Intel Monday. When you retire benchmarks like RealBench, can you please leave the score boards(history) up? The SSD stuff was busted, took insane hardware to beat #2. I posted up Octo E16's and quad Optanes. Good to see changes, maybe a ticket/ticker front page when a WR broken. Yos, I am not running ramdisks. Strong disks and cache go so far as you know, it takes a well rounded machine and too much time to re run
  8. VPII should have been recognized for taking the PCM7 WR for a moment (few days) with the 5950X
  9. Gotcha and thanks, closing the gap with the 64 cores as I expect the 16's to creep up on me.
  10. FUGGER

    Please add HW

    My Anvil 32G shows up but the 1G doesnt
  11. FUGGER

    Please add HW

    Please add, Intel Optane 900P and 905P https://hwbot.org/submission/4343488_fugger_anvils_ssd___32gb_ssd_54331.54_points Patriot Steel https://hwbot.org/submission/4522097_fugger_geekbench4___multi_core_xeon_w_3175x_90029_points Thanks for adding Sabrent Rocket but mine does not show up in the search above. https://hwbot.org/submission/4381854_fugger_anvils_ssd___1gb_nvme_85424.73_points
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