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  1. I seem to be the only one with Micron modules 😀
  2. Patriot Viper Elite II Intel Core i9 11900K @ 4800 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR (x86.fr)
  3. https://hwbot.org/submission/4755847_fugger_as_ssd2.0_nvme_13606_marks
  4. This is Fortis, I will show in a few hours. I don't want to break NDA with screens.
  5. Please add Phison B47R NVMe SSD, B47R is the model based on E18.
  6. Going by SP alone is not wise, try a random retail over something someone is passing on or get a binned chip from a trusted source. You want a chip that can do 5.3Ghz with HT enabled on AIO
  7. Thanks, I am getting there on the HERO, this score was with 6 cores
  8. I reloaded to confirm, other benches have other errors too.
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