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  1. I got the parts your looking for but I am a hoarder.
  2. crtl-alt-del -> task manager -> performance and watch cpu, ram, and disk usage, make it a point to check during processing. If you are running 100% on CPU for long periods of time you need more cores, if you rarely see 100% you need more Mhz. Watch memory usage to see if you go past 50%, if you hit 100% during certain functions you need more ram. Tune your OS, remove restore and disk cache unless needed. remove all bloat. But for hardware tinkering improvements, memory timing is important and low latency is your best friend. Make sure you are using at least XMP memory settings. Ramcache/primocache should/will help you.
  3. You know it is legal here, CES 2020
  4. I am very sorry Albrecht, when I asked it was a valid question and I accepted no as the answer. I see the issues and asked first because I was unsure, showing you a screenshot of what would happen. If you did allow it, I see you would get a ton of bs from all sides.
  5. Allow Elite this option, new skills and so much knowledge to share. https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/14618647
  6. CPUID for mac from Intel... https://software.intel.com/en-us/download/download-maccpuid
  7. Allowed? Bot has a few multiplatform benchmarks.
  8. Back then if you did not have an Oskar Wu board you were looking at buying a Maximizer or Booster for stock boards. I remember wiring the 3.3v output from the PSU, having a psu with 3.3v rail trimmer was the trick and I also remember messing up a few boards doing this, but I used my Maximizer quite a bit when I switched boards and with the Intel boards. Oddly my best BH5 is still alive from OCZ I also have the OCZ Booster
  9. A few still exist, mine has the DDR2 adapter and I have the original box. Not for sale, just showing off.
  10. If you are considering building, https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1312.R1.TR0.TRC0.A0.H0.TRS5&_nkw=condensing+unit&_sacat=0 Sometimes you can find a good deal searching for condensing units, this can be used as a chiller too. You are looking for a low temp with 1/2HP or more.
  11. I would also consider partial trade. That compressor is huge and loud but it would work for low temp.
  12. I would part with my Kryotech, tandem Americold R507/ICEON89 $1000 plus shipping Modern block and mounting to current Intel/AMD CPU/GPU sockets. Its not "budget", its an excellent SS that needs nothing.
  13. 3/4HP Danfoss R1150 + Iceon89 + butane for third stage 1/2HP Danfoss Iceon89 + R116 second stage 1/2HP Danfoss R507 first stage I am maxed out at -110c and the CPU dropped about 4C for this run.
  14. LN2, I reloaded last week. -122c CB Session ended early when Apex stopped posting.
  15. Right now you are at the end of your coolers capacity and vcore is not your friend. Set LLC to 5, run CB and back off a little on vcore until your lowest vcore is found, now step up multi and bring up vcore ever so slightly or change LLC to stronger value.
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