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    Please add HW

    My Anvil 32G shows up but the 1G doesnt

    Please add HW

    Please add, Intel Optane 900P and 905P https://hwbot.org/submission/4343488_fugger_anvils_ssd___32gb_ssd_54331.54_points Patriot Steel https://hwbot.org/submission/4522097_fugger_geekbench4___multi_core_xeon_w_3175x_90029_points Thanks for adding Sabrent Rocket but mine does not show up in the search above. https://hwbot.org/submission/4381854_fugger_anvils_ssd___1gb_nvme_85424.73_points
  3. Ill part with some good ones. Binned by Bigtoe.

    Support from XS

    After watching the new activity here is seems you have a spammer registration problem and I am not sure if you are sorting them by hand or what but it seems like a lot of the regs are fake accounts. I modified my registration script to charge $1 via paypal and this seems to be working great. Mythical recently tested my scripts to confirm. That being said, I wil reduce my $1 fee to to maybe 10 cents, I bet the spammers still wont do it yet give more access to people who don't want to spend a dollar. I don't need the dollar but this front line shows me what the spammers are not willing to do.

    Support from XS

    I have done the repairs on XS database, fixed the broken, renewed all the ad spots, asked staff to come back, and I am receiving manufacturer support like never before. As part of my returning XS to active after 3 years of the forums being essentially closed I also evaluated a bit outside my play pen to see where else I can and should help and this is why I am offering my support to hwbot and matt. If hwbot or Matt need files hosted, I can and I will. I will add a link to hwbot and benchmate today to my header next to Super Pi Mod link on XS forum pages. If you wish to promote links to bot threads from XS that will help traffic here. I am not sure what going on with search engine optimization on hwbot but I have 800 online and bot has 10 (and they are members) XS has not been an active database in years, hence my suspicion of SEO being the culprit to people finding this forum data. Anything at all in my ability, please ask as I am doing this to help us all. I hope that bot accepts my support.
  6. I WILL post a video of this poor chip and it recovering from post code 00. I was told that if it posts I could have it. Well I own the chip and I am posting from it now, not sure what stopping me from RMA'ing it as it is a retail. Thanks Willard!
  7. I might the able to help, have you done any research on single stage coolers? Is this for benching or for 24/7 use? Maybe see if one of Team Japan has one they would part with, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I have four single stage units in storage with current block and mounting, I could sell cheap and deliver -40c but unsure of cost of shipping would be. Back to the water chiller, these are cheap ones that work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CW-3000-Industrial-Water-Chiller-cooling-single-60W-80W-CO2-Laser-Tube-110V-60HZ/253938694271?hash=item3b1fecf87f:g:rB8AAOSw3ZhdLDqF Or https://www.ebay.com/itm/120W-Water-Chiller-for-Aquarium-Fish-Shrimp-Tank-Cooler-Cooling-Machine-USA/264629277782?hash=item3d9d225456:g:b4QAAOSwlGpeU5M~ Expect them to work as a normal water loop and I use the CW-1000 currently on a HEDT @ 5.4Ghz, the second chiller was used on the 3175x to "display" 5Ghz all cores, this is ok for MSDT low core count and don't expect performance on HEDT. If other people have tested and left disappointed please chime in. I just delivered a -50c tandem to Chispy international successfully, Just before Chispy, I delivered another single stage rebuild successfully in the US. Two this year so far. If you want one of my units I can refurb a Jinu for $500 with Chilly1 block and R507 gas, the case wont be pretty or possible existent depending on the carcass I pick. Maybe you want -100c cascade ??
  8. Thanks Roman, Like Fredrik, you will have my support as well. If there is anything I can help with just ask, bandwidth, traffic, or whatever might be in my ability.
  9. I have been around a few years and I have seen and killed a few CPU's in that time. I enjoy is a good challenge and one of my oddities is figuring out if I can revive from post code 00 and what I tried successfully to recover. It helps to have a known good CPU to test but that's not always possible. After you confirm the obvious of reseating, no bent pins, and tried a different board to no avail, there is still things you can try. When you press the power button the fans come on? They should come on high speed and quickly rev down. If they don't rev down press the reset button(it should not work), If not use the restart button or the bios reset button to force restart. Keep trying about 20 times. Watch for post code movement, listen for fan rev down. Hopefully your post code will recover and bring you back to EE, just hold the power button to power it off and back on, you should post back and enter bios to make an adjustment in vcore, ram speed, disable cores, and more. If this method works for you and you can get to post the chances are it was damaged during OC. What you will find out is you can keep restarting and everything will seem ok until you let it sit overnight and you will need to do the reset a bunch of times again to post. If your fans don't rev down: Pull the battery for a minute Try BIOS 2 if you have one Try each memory slot Let mobo sit on at 00, wait for it to shut off on its own. The machine shut down instantly after when you press the power button, don't get discouraged, pull the battery for one minute and start over. Second CPU method, usually the mobo will sense CPU change but chances are your not getting that far. Go into bios with good CPU, set vcore to 1.4v, turn off all cores except one, turn off HT, go into devices and disable everything, set ram speed to 2666Mhz and auto timing. Then swap to deaded CPU. I will edit down my video demonstration of recovering a 00 CPU. This is my dead core machine also recovered from that I still use at work today, this CPU has a dead core and will post 00 if BIOS is reset. https://hwbot.org/submission/2807666_fugger_3dmark_vantage___performance_geforce_gtx_titan_x_72299_marks I have a 2600K that is also similar and recovers after warming up at post code 00 for a minute and 20 resets. Once these CPU's are posted they will restart fine, its just when they sit again for a few hours they can return to 00.
  10. Happy to see the Kryo made it to your country intact. ISCEON 89
  11. Sure, and here is an recent article. https://techreport.com/review/8021/txgfs-ati-ultimate-lan-party/
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