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  1. good idea, you never know what happens if a new source of Broadwells becomes active nearby... :)
  2. thanks, it didn't shine with 6/12, I think there's something wrong with TIM or IHS, at 1.3v it's too hot even on water. I could barely do some multithreaded tests at 5.2@1.3
  3. You didn't have backup, just rebenched it :) good push, mate!
  4. Come on, again 8c+e-cores in 4c/4t category? I know you can do better than this! :)
  5. Thanks, that was a lucky run of a kind, afterwards it started throttling despite having max 90-93 degrees, and I saw like 35.xxx. I'm going to freeze it on single-stage, but I need to downgrade BIOS first, I got the board with 6.03, and it just doesn't want to go past 130 BCLK, the one I had before was going up to 142-145 with 12100f and 150-ish with G7400. Too bad you can't play with VCCSA, so it could fly higher with mems, regardless - it's great.
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