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  1. 1.7 vddr is lethal on amd only or intel as well? Edit: refreshed and saw Sam's answer, I think it satifies me
  2. I am testing the mod on my M9A with i3 8100 and I'm stuck with 18 post code, tried BIOS 0094 from Alex, now trying modded MXA 1602... 1602 does not work with XP? There is quite long (3-5 secs) 00 code after 55 which might be misleading, there were couple reboots, but I'm in OS now non-K OC is not that fun anymore although Update - I could OC and play with mems, but cache multi is stuck at 33 no matter what, and turboV core throws an exception when I switch to clock tab. Got a decent geekbench and xtu result, but mocf beats m9a since it clocks cache. Update #2 - in my case if I apply too much oc, it fails with post code 15, after which a reboot is stuck at 00. It's fixed by powering down completely (unplug psu and wait 30 secs) before next attempt.
  3. Anyone has pics from first post? Seems they're not available after forum migration
  4. TMU count is 96 or 72 on that GPU? I have Palit 1060 3 GB with GP104 core which shows 72 TMUs, so I'm wondering if it's properly detected by GPU-Z.
  5. well done, seems that Central European Flu OC Squad is active and kicking today!
  6. For DDR1, I needed to bin CPUs for better IMC, only 2 out of 40 could handle 420+ speeds. CPU needs to be warm but not hot. Board of choice for me is DFI NF4 Ultra-D or SLI-D - don't know what kind of freak of nature does CN posses (speaking about his TCCD-loving Expert) For DDR2, easiest board to go for high mem clocks is Gigabyte EP45-UD3P or UD3R, don't know what magic juice is inside, but these boards allow to boot and clock mems which dead on other boards. I also tried DFI DK P35 and it was OK (has volts up to 3.25) and some guys who appeared in this thread used also different boards - P5Q for example or some X38 boards. For DDR4 I have mixed feelings - I had a number of B-die kits and none of them responded to cold properly, so I'm a little hesitant about freezing it and I suspect there might be only some IC batches or PCB revisions that allow for it (or both).
  7. Another question - RP = 5 is something special@1000 MHz?
  8. no one has anything? I am stuck at 10.047, can boot 450x10, but I can't change multi
  9. It seems that handpicked NB are doing the job here....got Sam's reject REx and 1000 6-7-6 was easy on my A-Datas 2200+, whereas previously I couldn't pass 960 on P5E3 Premium and P5E64 WS Evo.
  10. I hate to break it for you, but I think that your screenshot is invalid - half of rendered image is covered - so you should rebench in case someone reports it.
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