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  1. sold locally thread can be closed
  2. booting 4800 14-13 is not difficult but I couldn't pass pi 32m. maybe it is limited by my 10900k?
  3. Hi, selling this kit which can run 4800 14-14-14-1t waza pi 32m @vDIMM 1.96v on Maximus XII Apex. The kit likes temperature lower than 24°C to do the job. Item's almost brand new with sticker and the towel. Even the plastic heatsink cover is on, untouched. €420 plus shiping and paypal service fee. The kit in in China which may take around €30-40 to ship worldwide with trackable express number and deliver in around 10 days. Private sale, no return.
  4. bump, added some kits, even kit can do 4310 12-12-12 waza spi 32m
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