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  1. Haven't really checked for single core, but I think 5.5Ghz could be possible 32m. Hoping for 6.9+Ghz on ln2 in 32m, pifast etc
  2. Cheers guys, think it'll be a good one, but not up there with Luumi's chip
  3. Cheers guys I downloaded both, just need to wait for 11900KF stock now haha
  4. Do any of the recently linked BIOS have support for Rocket Lake on Apex XII? May get the 11900KF but not really wanting another motherboard, they're way to expensive to buy a new one every gen lol
  5. Nice one! 5.7Ghz in SS is impressive! What did the chip do on ambient? You able to go ln2 on it?
  6. Cool will take a look! I have couple more 3570K, doing 5Ghz 1.38v in R15 on water cooling. They haven't been delid either
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