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  1. Matt26LFC

    good 9900k

    I know what you mean, not sure my sample will be faster tbh, we shall see. If it is i'll let you know, and you can decide
  2. Matt26LFC

    good 9900k

    Mine did this on dice - Got ln2 coming on Monday
  3. Matt26LFC

    [FS] 9900k

    And why is the cache so low? Seriously what is with the tests these days, does only core matter now or something
  4. Matt26LFC

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

    Nice pot, but these can be bought brand new from Alza for less
  5. Nice one! Voltage looks good too! Any plans to go cold on it?
  6. Matt26LFC

    is hwbot.org down?

    Been about 9-10Hrs for me
  7. Matt26LFC

    [WTB] [US] TEK-9 FAT

    There's one in the for sale section
  8. Would prefer to keep aqua, we've got enough 3d benches that take several minutes to run. I like aqua as it's fast and I think fun to run
  9. Matt26LFC

    [FS] Galax HOF 2080TI Retail !

    Do you know if Samsung or Micron memory?