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  1. Any OC info on the 7700K? Volts for 5Ghz in R15?
  2. Thanks. Yeah most likely, might be able to clock RAM and CPU slightly higher, tighten RAM timings etc plenty I can try to shave a few more seconds off
  3. When I'm binning I don't delid until I'm happy with a chip and plan to go cold on it. Will have to see about getting another pot first, then will contact bartx about a direct die mod
  4. Thought this was one of the ones you got from me. Yes my best and 2nd best 3770K's are both delid. Wanting to try direct die at some point on my 2nd best see what happens :)
  5. Cool! Shall be giving my 8320 another run out very soon, so be interesting to see how we get on
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