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  1. Matt26LFC

    [WTB] Raptor4

    Does it have to be a raptor 4 or would a 3 work @GeorgeStorm
  2. Nice! Mine did 5Ghz at 1.34v. Yours definitely has more in I'd say too. Look forward to your revisiting
  3. Nice work! Impressive clocks for those volts, was chip tested ambient for 5G?
  4. Nice one! Any reason you didn't run 4c4t? Probably could have clocked CPU another 200Mhz-300Mhz
  5. Had a go with Ln2, this chip did 6.8Ghz R15, 1.66v set in TurboV
  6. Will put my name down for evbot if it doesn't sell and you can ship to UK
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