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  1. Yeah most of us if not all of us use Mansfield Cryo here in UK. Pete's a good guy, offers a great service.
  2. Cheers bro Will revisit next time I get ln2, hopefully with a couple 295X2's though ;)
  3. Amazing scores! Really don't know how you guys do it. I managed a 83.2K run, forgot to save file for 3dmark link though. But can't come close to you guys :(
  4. Amazing scores! From both you guys! Will be trying with my 7990s very soon, I'll try offer some competition ;)
  5. Haha Sorry mate. Sadly sold my 7700K a little while ago :( Cheers though
  6. Nice one! 2012 R2 the way to go for R15? Can get similar clocks but am about 70CB short :(
  7. Wish I hadn't sold my Z97 OCF now lol I'd snap this CPU up otherwise!
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