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  1. Cheers! I'll try that again next time. Just subbed a new run, fortunately I found a Win7 install on a drive I have. Seemed to clock a little lower but managed to score higher, which was nice :)
  2. @AKM How does D3D work? I've never had any luck with it, seems to hurt my scores more than anything
  3. Nice run! Any special inspector settings? Been playing with mine, not sure whether my Inspector settings are not optimal or I need Win7
  4. Great score! Can't wait to see what Zen3 does to these leader boards!
  5. No idea mate, got it off eBay a few days ago. Was really just testing that the card worked, but my 10900K came too so ended up having a small play
  6. @Seal2fast He may still have one or two
  7. Who's offered it?
  8. PM'd offer on the 10900K
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