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  1. Matt26LFC

    [FS][EU] LN2 Pot Venom Anodized Black Kingpin Cooling

    Looks nice, any more pictures? Perhaps one of the internals and another of the base of the pot?
  2. Cheers, 6.9Ghz would instant reboot when I started R15, tried 1.85v and the rendered image appeared for a second or two then would instant reboot. Will try more soon, but having problems getting this platform going :(
  3. Yeah, pretty sure I can make this run more efficient
  4. Nice work! Will have to take both mine cold now ;)
  5. Matt26LFC

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Awesome! Can't wait to get started
  6. Matt26LFC

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    5870 3dmark03 points are broken
  7. Matt26LFC

    Several CPU LN2 containers

    What's happening with the venom?
  8. Nice score, might want to re run and take a better screenshot though since yours is not legal, you've covered the rendered image and you're not showing the memory tab in CPUz ;)
  9. Matt26LFC

    Is team cup still on?

    Nice one! Looking forward to it 😆
  10. Matt26LFC

    Is team cup still on?

    Well middle of the month now Any news on TeamCup?
  11. Matt26LFC

    Is team cup still on?

    Anymore info on the TeamCup? Been looking forward to this one
  12. Matt26LFC

    7740X, Waterblock for 980Ti Lightning

    Yeah love it! Works great! If you've got any other full cover blocks for AMD lightnings I'd most likely be interested 👍
  13. Matt26LFC

    7740X, Waterblock for 980Ti Lightning

    Any other full cover blocks laying around? Perhaps another EK 7970L