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  1. @Luumi never tried 8-13-8 but looks fast for sure for air clocks at 2850+ Nice to see PSC in 2020
  2. That's a strong 6c and interesting choice for dram, I've never heard of this company but seems like it clocks quite well.
  3. Played some pi early on to help sort memory profiles for the Aqua OC Butthurt edition. 4900 14-14 with loose seconds and thirds all ambient cooled on both cpu and memory. Also 4800 14-14 with super tight seconds and thirds is only slightly slower. Unfortunately 14-13 fails all the time on ambient so it's more than likely just this IMC. Will try a few other cpu's and see if any can run 14-13 on ambient. One thing I've noticed after seeing some screens is Asus runs tighter RTL but looser IOL, maybe one is better than other but idk haven't had a chance to test this thoroughly.
  4. Very nice dumo! Try 13-12-12 > 4400
  5. Woops was looking at this sub: https://hwbot.org/submission/4454229_ogs_3dmark11___performance_geforce_rtx_2080_ti_57830_marks and figured he was running Z490 on legacy vga. I saw in Apex 12 thread some were asking if older vga's work on Z490, any chance to try out?
  6. Impressive performance especially for only 1433 fuclock. I'm sure with 1600+ and 5.5+ core, quite a few 4 core globals could fall
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