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  1. ^ incredible, send me mobo and that cpu plz.
  2. l0ud_sil3nc3

    The Purge™

    More than likely not I promise it will be super clean and legible once I'm done with it.
  3. l0ud_sil3nc3

    The Purge™

    Update incoming. . .
  4. l0ud_sil3nc3

    FS: 9900K 6820mhz R15

    Imc alone worth it, free bump for you.
  5. Thanks all, try to improve but think this cpu is maxed out, have one more to try
  6. Great job Matt, any more juice left in the tank?
  7. G bios working well here. Tested 6 modules and all six can run single channel, inside slut, waza stable with RTL 49 6 @ 4133 12-11-11 tight. Voltage range from as low as 1.9v (1.97v real) - 1.94 (2.01v real). Resort the rest of my b die on this bios, as it seems to work really well with 9900k.
  8. Enjoy 7.51F PS this one's 8 core ready. Z17MOCF7.51F_CFL.bin.zip
  9. I always have slow boot with 12 11 11 even at 4000. Lowest volts to pass at 4000 tight was 1.83v set in bios and still slow training, but I think it's fairly normal as I experience this behavior on the Apex as well when pushing memory.
  10. Testing out some new modules 4000 vs. 4133 tight.
  11. Your Tai Xie Xie is so strong like the chocolate.
  12. Great job Miller, review covers all bases daily driver's and weekend warrior's alike