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  1. Great job Miller, review covers all bases daily driver's and weekend warrior's alike
  2. l0ud_sil3nc3

    The Purge™

    Who's ready for an update?
  3. l0ud_sil3nc3

    The Purge™

    Still here.
  4. You shouldn't need to do this if you have the Champion as it has an OC socket, it's ready to go.
  5. l0ud_sil3nc3

    The Purge™

    It is Shoot me a pm.
  6. VCCIN. Well done Allen cucked them all
  7. l0ud_sil3nc3

    The Purge™

    It's sold will update thread soon.
  8. Some 5ghz testing on the X299 OC Formula
  9. l0ud_sil3nc3

    The Purge™

    holy thread necro I'm back!
  10. Long post is normal get used to it lol Same on almost any board when you push 12 11 11 @ > 4000.
  11. l0ud_sil3nc3

    New XTU version v6.4.1.12

    Delete all subs start fresh.
  12. l0ud_sil3nc3

    Splave - Core i9 7980XE - 6050 marks XTU

    Big doinks in Amish.
  13. l0ud_sil3nc3

    Is Team USA organizing for Country Cup somewhere?

    Nope because every time it has been attempted someone has reneged and we always get cuckled. Better to do nothing than to do something half assed.