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  1. You holding the camera, Cookie fxxxing the b*tch :D Awesome results guys!
  2. New setup flying and I know there's sand hahaha
  3. No slow boot on bdie is something everyone should experience once in their lives
  4. I feel like the efficiency in the first picture is much better than my highest, and it's running 100 baseclock, 4000 c12-12, and 6.3 cache. It seems like even with higher memory, more frequency (core and cache) I can't match lower clocks/voltages/memory clock for clock. 'the only thing I can think of is maybe is the first time I benched I ran without the heatsink, and weirdly got my highest R15 on the first run, after that scores started to drop (vrm throttling?) and then I moved on to pi. Next time I benched with heatsink back on overtop of the plastidip and it seems like it ran much better threaded in terms of consistency but the second cpu wasn't as good as the first one. Hey did you bench on F bios or G? F has some issues, so it's advised to run on G. Also haven't ran R11.5 so have no idea how it compares.
  5. Some benching from the last week. Just really tested out two pieces seems like both above average samples. Antique motherboard still doing work.
  6. @matt26lfc idk I never tried it unlapped. Thanks men.
  7. OMG this is next level. Agree with @TaPaKaH, let's see 3:5xx:xxx happen before the New Year :)