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  1. Thanks @d0minat0r! A2 for sure, seems like most newer platforms favor this over OG B-Die.
  2. Ahhh so you reported it because it didn't have cpuz 1.91 got it. That's a stupid rule, for a stupid seasonal ranking that will hopefully be deprecated soon, but by all means I see where you are coming from. I'm sure this is just a placeholder score and Lewis will bench it proper on cold and show us magic in the 1c category for this benchmark.
  3. Just shitposting man, it's what I do best :3 But in all actuality nothing wrong with changing/updating microcodes, bios manufacturers do it all the time for a number of reasons (compatibility, security, etc. . . ). Just seems like a weird flex to like something and then report it
  4. Popped in the 3800X last night to try some pi, since I've never pushed fabric super hard on this cpu, still maxed out at 1600 for full pot operation. This cpu is significantly worse than the 3950x I tried a while ago at least in terms of core and IMC. 5750 no waza 5775 no waza 5775 waza + maxmem Not the greatest waza but still trying to sort that out as I have figured it out good waza for no maxmem but with maxmem it doesn't nearly shave as much. Try again with 3950X later.
  5. Flat top edition is incredible hahaha Monster sub Splave, getting close to your 10980XE sub missing two cores haha
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